Securitas boss threatened by ISIS and honor killings – millions in taxpayer bills

The prime suspect is Securitas’ security manager. Social workers are suspected of official misconduct.

  • A security manager at Securitas is suspected of arranging a year-round 24-hour guard for a family with children on taxpayers’ money.
  • Social workers took the protection manager’s word for it and accepted the service, which ended up costing more than €3 million in taxpayers’ money.
  • The head of the inquiry describes the case as exceptional and unprecedented. The case will now be transferred for trial.

The police suspect that the family has been under 24-hour security for a year without reason. According to Iltalehti, Securitas’ security manager at the time is suspected of misleading social workers, resulting in a million-dollar bill for taxpayers.

3 million euros in proceeds of crime are suspected to have ended up entirely with Securitas. The company’s security manager is suspected of gross fraud and three other individuals responsible for security service breaches.

Social workers are also suspected of wrongdoing as there were suspected deficiencies in security procurement.

We were threatened by ISIS

The police opened a major corruption case at a press conference on Thursday. Director of Investigation, Crime Commissioner Juha is a sprinter The security chief is reportedly suspected of exaggerating the threat of honor violence stemming from the family’s divorce proceedings and giving false information to social workers about the family’s situation.

According to MTV, the security chief said the family’s father had ties to ISIS. Springe confirmed the matter in a press conference.

According to police, the threat was not real. Social workers decided to purchase the service based on information received directly from the safety manager. It is also suspected that the security manager instructed the security company employee to include travel and equipment expenses in billable working hours.

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– The security manager came up with a plan in which he alone had to make a threat assessment, define the quality, quantity and execution method of the service and order from the company he represents, said Juha Springer, the crime commissioner. At the press conference.

The head of the inquiry describes the entire case as exceptional and unprecedented.


A security manager at Securitas is suspected of having billed municipal corporations for a million. Algal Leasma

The total fraud is suspected to have taken place between November 2, 2021 and October 25, 2022 in the areas of Jarvenpa and Raspur. So security was arranged in two different social service areas.

Police said the security manager’s actions extended to the basic rights of the families who received them.

The security service provided was very intensive, with 24-hour personal protection, which lasted days of the year.

According to Springer, the scandalous web of fraud began to unravel in connection with the criminal investigation of another case. Securitas’ security manager is the only suspect in the gross fraud. Family members of children targeted by security operations suspect nothing.

– Springer says the security manager’s actions were based on his close contact with the family, a source of information and justification going forward.

Working hours are also unclear

During the investigation, the police came to know of more suspicious crimes, which were reported in the same press conference. The social authorities involved in the case are suspected of dereliction of duty.

In addition to the social workers, the security manager and three responsible persons of Securitas are suspected of breaching the security service. Suspicious deficiencies have been identified in safety-related work contracts.

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– With regard to the suspected defects of commission contracts, Springer pointed out that constables have no jurisdiction without a valid commission contract.

According to Springer, several requests for information regarding the number of security guards and the working hours allotted for the job did not get a clear answer.

Other suspected offences

The police investigation dragged on for a long time. Inca Soweri

In addition to the above offences, the police suspect the security chief of making baseless statements in court and firing offences. The security manager was present in the court as a witness regarding this restraining order. An illegal weapon was found in his house during the search.

The company studied is very comprehensive. In addition to the safety officer and social service representative, other decision-making, oversight and responsibility in the procurement chain should be clarified.

The preliminary inquest protocol is 10,000 pages long and the investigation includes numerous interrogations and house and device searches. Then the case will go to trial.

The text of the press conference can be found below.

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