Spring is on – so says a meteorologist about the possibility of winter coming again

Cloud cover will determine how high temperatures rise in southern Finland, according to Forkan meteorologist.

– In that respect, a clear change, says Forca's meteorologist, is that warmer air flows from the south to the better part Jonas Koskela.

According to Koskela, next week will be “substantial spring”. At the beginning of the week, temperatures will probably rise by 10-15 degrees in southern and western Finland.

– But there is a small word of warning, because there are some differences in the forecast models that there will be such a fog boat in southern Finland on Tuesday.

Spring is coming, slowly but surely. Leasima below

If cloudy weather appears in southern Finland and does not clear, temperature forecasts may be greatly affected. In sunny weather, the temperature can reach around 15 degrees or even higher, but in cloudy weather the readings are below ten degrees.

Thermal recording is possible

In the spring, we are heading in a better direction anyway. According to Koskela, Monday is already very hot and will reach a maximum of 14 plus degrees in southern Finland.

– It could be a very warm day in the south on Monday. But in fact, Koskela has warned that a cloud storm could hit southern and western Finland on Tuesday.

A cloud raft will first form over all parts of Finland, but it may freeze in southern and western Finland. The forecast for the rest of Finland is sunny, with Lapland already reaching plus degrees on Tuesday.

Showers are possible in western Finland on Wednesday night and morning, but they will move eastwards during the day. Warm air rises from the south to eastern and southeastern Finland.

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– If the sun shines before the rain moves in from the west, maybe somewhere in the region Kymenlaakso and South Karelia we can get a very high reading this spring, that is a little less than 18 degrees.

In eastern and southeastern Finland, the spring temperature record may even be broken. Illustrative image. Ismo Pekkarinen/AOP

If the sun shines in the morning in eastern and southeastern Finland, it will reach at least 15 degrees. Unfortunately, however, the hot weather doesn't last long before the rains arrive.

Can the winter strike be reversed?

Over the weekend, the capital region was hit by heavy snow. With the return of spring weather, can we finally say goodbye to winter?

At least in southern Finland, the possibility of another winter is slim, but not there.

– It cannot be completely ruled out that there will be snow or drizzle in the next ten days. As per the forecast, there will be a slightly cooler moment.

However, according to Koskela, the probability is very small.

– Yes, night and day, the readings seem to be very strictly positive in the south right now. In Lapland there may still be night frosts and temperatures north of Lapland will be below zero during the day.

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