Strong claim from MTV boss about Yle’s 10 million euro TV studio – Yle boss: “I don’t believe it”

Yle’s editor-in-chief of news and current affairs Jouko Jokinen justifies the cost of the ten million euro studio renovation.

  • The studio renovation, which cost more than 10 million euros, will be visible to the audience from next Monday.
  • Yle’s editor-in-chief for news and current affairs Juko Jokinen, among other things, justifies the cost of construction.
  • According to MTV’s creative director Johannes Kantelinen, their studio renovation cost a fraction of Yle’s price. Someone didn’t believe Kandalinan’s vision.

TV viewers will experience a big change on Monday next week, when Yle’s news and current affairs program will start broadcasting from a brand new studio.

With power According to

Yle’s Editor-in-Chief of News and Current Affairs Juko Jokinen It says half of the amount is for construction, half for technology and other costs.

– At the same time, as renovation construction in old buildings often expands, we renovated our old premises, Jokinen adds.

There is a significant change in studio technology, for example, cameras will work automatically.

– The level of automation is vastly increasing over the past. Where earlier we had 3-4 studios, now we focus on one place.

– There is also a lot of innovation in artificial intelligence solutions. Jokinen comments that this is a different generation than previous technology.

Five to ten million

Broadcasts will begin next Monday from Yle’s new studio. Rosa Broger

Yle last renovated a major studio 11 years ago in February 2013.

Yle said At the time, the three-year program cost about 600,000 euros.

Yle is then Head of News and Current Affairs Atte Jaskelinen However, an estimate of the total cost of the reforms was indicated to Iltalehti at over five million euros.

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– It’s not related to the appearance, but because our news studios are already 12 years old, they should be updated anyway, Jäskelinen reasoned.

Jokin doesn’t see the price difference of the current reform as big compared to 2013.

– The final amount is not far from it. There may have been less construction then.

Jokinen attributes the problem to, among other things, the rise in the value of money and the high costs of construction.

– That difference is very small. Investments in automation and robotics pay for themselves when fewer people are employed.

– We now work a third less than the old technology. In the new system, 1-4 people send, Jokinen says.

Points of comparison

Yle’s editor-in-chief of news and current affairs, Juko Jokinen, will retire at the end of the year. Jarno Kusinen / AOP

Yle’s major studio renovation can be compared to MTV, which moved from Basila to Valli in early 2022-2023.

– We moved from about 28,000 square feet to about 6,000 square feet. There was a bit of scaling involved, says MTV Utiston’s creative director Johannes Kandalinen.

MTV’s newscasts gained a new studio in connection with the move. MTV has not publicly disclosed the cost of its own studio renovation.

– but it’s clearly a fraction of Yle’s price.

– As for packages, we are not talking about millions under any circumstances. But for the technology, the price tag is surprisingly large, Kandalinen points out.

Jokin did not swallow Kandalinan’s comments.

– I don’t think it can be a fraction. Of course, the layout will change if there is no construction.

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– Being there, the “curtains” cost the same as ours, Jokinen could see.

According to Jokinen, in addition to MTV, Yle has used major studio renovations made in other Nordic countries as a point of comparison.

– Reforms of other institutions should generally be in this vein, although they differ from institution to institution.

“How much concrete?”

MTV moved into the new studio complex just over a year ago. Tommy Nadri / All Over Press

The complainant reminds that he does not know, for example, the temporal distribution of costs in the reform of Yle.

– I don’t know what’s in Yle’s ten million. How much concrete has been used if we say that the construction itself has cost a lot of money?

– The amount seems big, but we will find something better, Kandalinen commented.

Based on the news, Kantelinen doesn’t rate Yle’s new studio much yet, as no shows have aired from there yet.

– At least the studio is better than their previous studio.

– There aren’t really any levels because it’s mostly just a video surface. Let’s see what the video surface looks like, Kandalinen says.

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