Strong claims about Mikko Leppilamme in Seiska magazine – the actor has a serious discharge

Mikko Leppilampi denies Seiska magazine’s latest claims.

Micho Lepilambi denies Cieska’s claims. Tuuli Syrjälä

Stop Lepilambi was informed on Thursday of the allegations of inappropriate behavior at beauty salons.

According to people interviewed by Seiska, Lepilambi allegedly, among other things, grabbed a beauty salon employee’s hand and directed it to her genital area.

On Thursday morning, Lepilambi posted an update on his Instagram account where he gave his own perspective on the events.

Lepilambi stated in the publication that he did not wish to comment in any way on the allegations related to him.

– I think the accusations of inappropriate behavior in the beauty salon are false. I am not infringing on anyone’s right to gender self-determination, writes Lepilambi.

– I do not accept being forced by public pressure to take responsibility for things I did not do. In my opinion, that is not right and unfortunately encourages the misuse of a serious topic for personal gain, continues Lepilambi.

– Matters will be sorted through official processes, concludes Lepilambi.

A criminal report

A criminal complaint was filed against Leppilammy in April 2024. A criminal report was filed with the Inri police for sexual harassment. Seiska said in this regard.

Lepilambi has been acting for a long time These areFilming for the series and the latest season wrapped up in Ivalo in May.

According to Cheika, Leppilamme’s inappropriate behavior allegedly took place in a customer service situation during her free time.

Commissioner of Crime Branch on 7th May United Randhalvari Ivalo’s police confirmed to Iltalethi that a preliminary investigation has been launched.

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