Such were the last moments of Maki Kolemainen

Singer Sani Ordela took to Facebook to remember her bandmate and friend Maki Kolemai, who died on Monday.

Singer Sani Artela remembers her friend Makhi Kolemai who died on Monday. Mico Huisco

Singer Saija “Channy” Artela remembers on Facebook He died early Monday morning Marco “Magi” from Colema. Aartela and Kolehmainen have been influential members of the Aikakone band for the past 30 years.

– I cry, I cry and I cry, Artela begins her long letter.

– The king of Finnish pop, my brother, my professional husband, my common travel partner millions of kilometers away fell asleep at night.

Artela says Kolemainen made history from the start by bringing instrumental music to Finland.

– He was undeniably one of the most important pioneers of Finnish pop music and a warrior of light, always fighting on the side of the good and a companion to the start of the careers of many important artists. A relentless fighter.

– We were able to spend wonderful last moments together, relaxed, eye to eye, eyes full of understanding, says Artela.

– No one can understand what we went through together.

Sani Artela and Makki Kolehmainen in 2018. Anna Jusilathi

Artela writes that he tried to calm his friend by saying that everything possible had been seen and achieved on the Finnish music front.

– Everything will work, here we go forward with a strong spirit, we follow. That the band in the sky already has a strong crowd waiting to play on the stages. Maybe get the band back together somewhere.

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Artela also tells about the last meeting of the two.

– The last hug was long and warm. I realized these were just goodbyes, writes Artela.

– Maki’s wonderful cheerful humor was there every time I saw him, right up to the last minute. The last wish is to hold the Time Machine flag high. We solemnly affirm this, Artela swears.

Sani says Maki Kolehmainen spent her last hours surrounded by loved ones. Jukka Lehtin

The last hours

Kolahmainen died on Monday morning from a rapidly progressing illness. He was 58 years old at the time of his death.

– Maki’s illness progressed surprisingly quickly. Artela says Maki was able to spend her last hours with her loved ones.

– Grief is endless. May Makhi’s family, other loved ones and colleagues find strength. Have a nice trip dear. See you soon, Artela finishes her writing.

With its release, Artela shared: Johanna Kurkelen A song Princess Hall.

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Maki Kolehmainen, Vera aka Heidi Bruula, Sani Artela and Alex Ojesti of Aikakonen in 1997. Zari Terti

Kolehmainen has been Aikakon’s main composer since its release in 1995 Beyond the star arc – From the debut album. In addition to Kolehmainen and Artela, the group’s composition in recent years has also included an original member Alex Ojasti.

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