Susanna Lainey makes a good point for Buck players: Legion lacks confidence

Susanna concludes by analyzing the Lions game.

Favorite host Susannah Line A sports commentator these days – at least on his own social media.

Susannah seems to be in high spirits following Finland’s 4-1 victory over Norway yesterday (May 13) in the ongoing Ice Hockey World Championship.

After watching the match, Susanna posted a video on her Instagram stories about the course of the match. He started commentating when the score was 3-0.

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– There are a few weak teams now and it’s amazing that Finland can score goals. This young group has plenty of goal scorers, so they will be on the attack when they face Canada this weekend. Yes! Susanna reflects brilliantly.

He also reviewed Finland’s game against Czech Republic. The Lions then went on to win 0-1. Susanna has a theory about why Finland lost.

– Somehow, in the Czech competition, I felt a lack of confidence in the shot put competition, he analyzed.

– I’m no hockey expert, but I got the feeling.

The presenter has a lot of praise for the players of the Finnish team.

The manor Well on target. It is very good. Those young people are really nice. This is Cabanen In sports all the time, this is one OliverAnd Puljujarvi Lake By now he might already have a reputation.

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Finland’s 4–1 goal was very good for Susanna, as Norway often defeats other countries in other Winter Games.

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– Norway is very tough as a skiing country, Finland is good when they are a little slow in this hockey game. It’s always someone who doesn’t Zohak, which always passes. Who are those Norwegian skiers?

– Then what about Sweden…, however, ends with an uncertain look on his face.

The Lions will play their next game against Austria on Thursday, May 16. Sweden plays in Group B, so Finland will not yet face its western neighbors in the first series of games.

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