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Anna Mattila, Nelly Spannari and Lisa Timberg are Finnish Swifties, meaning Taylor Swift fans. For them, costumes are an essential part of the gig experience.

For the show, Matilla created a hoodie that looked like something straight out of a Taylor Swift music video.

– A feeling of slight hopelessness.

Many Finns share Helsinki Anna Mattila Feelings at this time.

Perhaps the most famous artist in the world, Taylor SwiftThis weekend they will play three concerts at the Friends Arena in Solna, Stockholm.

– We have been waiting for this for a long time, as long as the tickets have been in our pockets. Finally, finally this gig week is here and Mattila is happy.

The only concerts come in the Nordic countries of the tour that started a year ago. You can also see a lot of Finnish fans in Stockholm. A native of Salou Nellie Spannari He goes on trips with his friends with an open mind.

– We assume that a like-minded group can already be found on board, he says.

The European leg of Taylor Swift’s The Eras tour kicked off in Paris in May. Now it’s Stockholm’s turn. Photo: Lehtikuva / AFP / Julian de Rosa

Swifties are creating their own fan culture

Taylor Swift, who caused a minor earthquake in Seattle last summer with her concert, has fans all over the world. They call themselves the Swifties – Matilla and Spannari.

– From my own experience, Finland has a tight-knit and enthusiastic Swifty community. “I’m part of a huge WhatsApp group where people are excited about upcoming shows in Stockholm and elsewhere in Europe,” Mattila says.

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The millennial phenomenon shines with its own fan culture: friendship jewelry that originates from a verse written by Swift and is exchanged face-to-face at concerts, fan art of all things Taylor Swift-related, and of course, endless social media. The content is limited only by imagination.

– During the concert, before and after it, the Swifties are in a very good mood. That’s what I’m waiting for, says Mattila, who is experiencing Swift live for the first time.

Spannari says he also enjoys fan theories.

– When will the new album come out, what will be on the tour, what easter eggs (hidden messages) can be found in the songs? He says that I like to see other people’s theories, but I don’t make my own.

A Singaporean fan wears a Taylor Swift fan shirt and jewelry.

So make friendship bracelets, says Taylor Swift in her song You’re On Your Own, Kid, and that’s how fans started making interchangeable friendship bracelets. Credit: How Hwee Young/AOP

And then the clothes

The fan culture born around Swift has its own chapter in stylized and often self-tuned outfits inspired by the artist’s concerts or music videos.

It’s been said that you can go to a concert and be part of the community in casual clothes, but it’s safe to say that dressing up as a fan is an essential part of the Swifties’ concert experience.

Spannari received some fan art for the gig, including another fan-made t-shirt featuring Disney princesses and Taylor Swift.

– I am also a Disney fan. You can see it in the tattoo, Spännäri states.

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– Swift and Disney don’t have a direct connection, but for example, there is a song on the latest album But daddy I love him is a direct quote About the Little Angel.

Watch in the video above as Nellie Spannari presents her concert shirt, combining Taylor Swift and Disney princesses.

Mattila created a hoodie for the Swift-like gig Look what you made me do – From the song’s music video.

– This hoodie has a tiger head, then sequin flowers and a little below it says blind for love, which is very similar to Taylor’s original hoodie.

You can watch the story in the video when Mattila presents her hoodie, which is the main image.

Swifties and anyone else can tell from the colors of Matilla’s hoodie that this is part of Swift’s era of fame; In other words, the style is the style of the artist famefrom disk. Each era has its own mottos and color scheme.

Swift, who began her career in 2006 at the age of 16, has released a total of eleven albums. All of their songs will be featured in Eras tour concerts.

The bag ban affects how you dress

Swedish police have banned the wearing of bags at major events as the threat of terrorism grows, requiring extra planning when it comes to clothing.

Svenska Yell interviewed a Vasa resident heading to Sunday’s concert Lisa Timberg Earlier this week.

– I wore something with extra pockets to accommodate my wallet and phone.

The girl is smiling and looking at the camera.

Vasa’s Lisa Timberg’s concert dress features purple and glitter. Photo: Privat / Lisa Dimberg

Timberg plans to take only essentials with him to the Friends Arena.

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– Timberlake, dressed in purple according to the Midnights album, I put on boots with slightly wider shafts to keep a bank card and other important things in the boots.

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