That's how Aini won the thiil – the basket that eventually won

Aini tells Iltalehte that she has doubts about how the leader's job is going to be for her.

Finally the secret is out: Aini Mansivu won AgreementProgram and Helsinki Kulturidehdas is the new director of repair.

– I myself did not guess that I would win. It was confirmed when I heard the truth. I knew I had a lot to prove and I had a successful final event, but I still didn't take it for granted that I would win. There i strong opposition, Aini sums up his tliy victory for Ildalehte.

– When the group was small, I got the feeling that I could really win this, he continues.

Aini has worked as a private entrepreneur for over five and a half years Agreement– The job interview situation seen in the episode is alien to him. The episode showed a bit of a job interview, and Aini says that the interview situation was actually pretty short.

– It must have been close to ten years since my last job interview! I have always experienced job interviews as stressful and difficult situations. It's very difficult for me to talk about my own successes, and it's easier for me to show off my skills by doing that.

– I also learned about cameras for the first time. It was easy to forget these people in the tasks, but in the interview situation I realized that this is really being filmed! It was a really awkward place for me, but I obviously did well because it was a real job interview and here we are.

Aini got the help of contestants who had already fallen from Thieli season for the final task. Aini Maincivin's home album

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“Jesse on Jessie”

After the job interview, Aini, Nicklaus And Jesse He came before the Board of Directors. The management team announced that Jesse would have to withdraw from the competition before the official final task.

– We were all very serious. No one wanted to fall, but Jesse went home. Up until that point I had thought that Jesse and Nicklaus would be in the final three, so Jesse's elimination came as a surprise.

Jesse is one AgreementMost talked about people of that time. Jesse, among other things, said in the final episode that he didn't care who won the show because he himself was eliminated.

According to Ain, he and Jesse are on good terms despite sometimes clashing during assignments.

– Jessie says what she thinks and it becomes clear during the match. Jessie is Jessie, that's how she talks and acts. However, we were in good spirits with the competitors throughout the race. TV was made there, but yes, we were all good friends.

What manager?

Aini says that it was not clear what kind of director's trick it was during the shoot. Aini says that she heard from the production that the job is designed based on the type of worker selected for the job.

According to Ain, he was particularly interested in Dil as a design, but he was also interested in the director's work.

– I lived in Britain and already followed the local deal on TV there. When you know it's new AgreementThe season, Gorjamo was looking for a manager and I immediately decided to apply for the match.

Aini says the Dilli contestants have become a close-knit group over the course of the season. Aini Maincivin's home album

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Today, Aini's official title is Korjamo's Concept Director. Besti is designed through collaborative discussions.

– My responsibility is to create new event concepts for Gorjamo. I will join Gorjamo's team to develop various event concepts along with the rest of the working group. The aim is to increase their business by organizing events like never seen before in Gorjamo.

– We left after the final to discuss this fight. The conversation started frankly and really from the basics. We talked about what is needed there, what are my strengths and what I want to do.

Ain owns two companies that he has nurtured over the years. He is a fingerprint entrepreneur and mentors other entrepreneurs in the creative industry.

– Getting a full-time job is not my choice. So we started discussing about catering to everyone's wants and needs. We have reached such a solution and it is very good. I work two days a week as the Concept Director of Gorjamo, while three days a week I can focus on my own business activities.

It was easy for Ain to smile like a winner after a tough Dilli season. Aini Maincivin's home album

Collaboration with Jajo

Iltalehti had earlier revealed that all the contenders for the Delhi season were not satisfied with the salary paid to the manager. Starting salary is 5,000 euros.

Aini says she negotiated a new salary that suits her. Aini did not say exact salary.

– In these negotiations, we have started from the basics and negotiated a suitable salary among ourselves. I am satisfied with that,” explains Aini.

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– I am not on their payroll, but I pay them as a company. Reward is defined by who we are together, he continues.

According to Ain, the collaboration with Jajo Linnonma went well.

– Of course, we have been in touch with Jajo, but I have not yet met the other owners or the Gorjamo team. I will officially start work in early May.

– My understanding is that Jajo is very little involved in the day-to-day operations of the repair shop, so most of my work is done with other repair shop people besides Jajo.

Aini says it was important to Jajo that the new manager was satisfied with what he had done and that the negotiations went well. This warmed Aini's heart, and she communicated with Jajo several times via text message.

Aini is one of the few Finnish calligraphers. Annika Rusu

In previous DILLY seasons, not all winners were fully satisfied with the work they got or its content. Among others, the winner of Linnonma's first tli season Chord pork He mentioned in his book that he didn't even get the job he was promised.

– Yes, I have to say I was skeptical about the finale too, I didn't know much about the character or what it meant. While there was ballast from the failures of previous seasons, there was a question mark in me as to whether such a job existed and what it would look like, reflects Aini.

– However, I was surprised at how openly we communicated and what I was able to do. I think mistakes are learned there too, Aini happily sums up.

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