The 13-year-old team rejoiced at the amazing achievement – then the Ice Hockey Association made a shocking announcement!

The junior team was inoculated to supplement the lineup with a younger player.

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Merikarvia's Ice Athletes' U13 season went smoothly until April 2 when they defeated Lauttakyla Luja in the semifinals to advance to the U13 A series final.

However, the regular-season winning team received crushing news from the Ice Hockey Association, which said the disciplinary committee had reversed the semifinal result due to the complaint.

– The disappointment is great, it is indescribable. The atmosphere was so sad, the team captain of the Ice Athletics U13 team Marja Lindbergh Describes the reactions to the shock notification received on Friday night.

Confirmation message

Luja, who lost in the semi-finals, had complained to the association that he had played against the rules as a player two years younger than their ranking.

Team manager Lindbergh confirms the addition of the team was approved by the union via email.

He contacted the association when the team's top scorer was sidelined for the rest of the season due to injury. The aim is to ensure that a sick team is allowed to play within the rules to avoid system problems.

In his message, Lindbergh mentioned the three necessary matches, which he called the last game of the regular season, the semifinals and the medal game.

In a message two days before the end of the regular season, Lindberg received a response from the association that he “can always use” younger players than his age.

– Our lineup is so small that we risk not being able to play. That's why we set out to explore the possibilities of borrowing from younger people in particular. The intention is not to gain any competitive advantage by taking players from the senior age group, he underlines.

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No mercy

However, the Disciplinary Committee decided to uphold Luja's appeal and sentenced the ice athletes to the bronze medal match.

What happened to the union was complained to the ice athletes as a misunderstanding. According to the association's explanation, although the exchange of messages took place as the regular season neared its end, they did not mean the question to be playoffs.

In this case, Lindbergh was particularly upset that children had to suffer such severe punishment for the actions of adults. Complaints from opposing teams and the hard-line approach of the union shocked many side families in Merigarvia.

It is difficult to detect the child's interest or ethical considerations in the story.

– This is a very sad case. The Disciplinary Committee has various options for punishments. If we were deemed to have committed a transgression, we would gladly have accepted the punishment if it had been properly measured. For example, a fine for the club or an official ban for the team manager, Lindbergh reminds us of more humane alternatives.

The debt is gone

Lindbergh says she recorded the exchange of messages with the union, but says she wants to respect the union's order not to show the messages.

He did not avoid the fact that it is very difficult to trust the word received from the Ice Hockey Federation in the future.

– We thought we were operating correctly and with an open card. That's why we honestly asked for permission to play these matches. The kids have trained and prepared and made it to the finals. And then it was taken away from them, which I think is unfair.

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– Not as much as we got a penalty. If we are deemed to have done wrong, we deserve a certain degree of punishment. But our children do not deserve that punishment.

Iltalehti reached out to the association's competition manager on Saturday Birkha AndilanThe respondent said that he would soon comment on the case on Monday.

9:59 a.m. Story corrected: Birka Antila's title was tournament manager, not disciplinary manager, as originally stated in the story.

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