The conversion law is being sought again in Parliament today News Fin

The implementation of the Conversion Act continues today in the Executive Committee of Parliament. Last week, the committee dealt with the bill on a contractual basis, but did not finalize its report on the matter.

The controversial bill needs a five-sixth majority in parliament to pass this election season. It seems that the representatives of the opposition party, SDP, wrote this.

The leadership of the SDP has publicly stated that the SDP is seeking changes to the bill in the executive committee. The SDP also wants the Constitutional Committee to reconsider the Executive Committee’s report.

In opposition, the Left Alliance opposes the bill and the Greens also criticize it. From the SDP, at least party vice-president Nazima Rasmeier and MP Eliza Gebhardt have opposed the government’s proposal.

The bill contravenes Finland’s constitution and international human rights treaties.

A small group discussion was also held

The board will meet at 10 a.m. on Monday, executive committee chairman Maury Beltokangas (ps.) said on Friday.

On Friday, the committee met twice. According to STT’s information, the executive committee discussed the report between meetings with a reduced composition, for example, represented by SDP group representative Eemeli Peltonen and Eveliina Heinäluoma. On Thursday, talks were held between the Alliance, Basic Fins, STP, Center and RKB with less mix.

With the help of the Transposition Act, we want to prevent Russia’s instrumentality from entering Finland’s eastern border. Now Finland’s eastern border has been closed to passenger traffic for a long time.

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