The dam is breaking in the wake of the war in Ukraine

US President Joe Biden is now being pressured from all directions to give Ukraine permission to attack Russia with Western weapons. There is no need to fear World War III, according to Iltalehti’s war expert Emil Gustehelm.

There are more and more signs that the Ukrainian president is in the air Volodymyr Zelensky Finally gets his way.

President of the United States Joe Biden It has long resisted Ukraine’s demands to use US weapons for attacks on Russian soil. Biden fears the situation could escalate into a direct conflict between Russia and the United States. to World War III.

However, pressure on Biden has grown from the secretary of state in the White House Anthony Blinken He returned from a stimulating trip from Kiev earlier this month, he says The New York Times. According to Blinken, unless Biden changes his mind, Ukraine cannot keep its territory between Kharkiv and the Russian border.

Also Secretary General of NATO Jens Stoltenberg clearly warned Economist In the interview, Ukraine would find it very difficult to defend itself if it was not allowed to attack “legitimate military targets in Russia” with Western weapons.

War expert of Iltalethi Emil Gastehelmi Considers the situation ridiculous.

– It should be absolutely self-evident that permission has been given. There are various places on the border of Russia. But for some reason this kind of transparency still needs to be twisted.

According to Gastehelmi, there is unnecessary fear and “over-alert” advisers and leaders in the West who want to respect the Russian president. Vladimir Putin Although the “red lines” never meant anything before.

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– Russia is not going to start World War III because random missiles used by Ukrainians fly over its soil.

Ukraine has already launched attacks on Russia, including on oil refineries. Earlier this week, Ukraine also attacked Russia’s nuclear early-warning system, a move seen as a concern by the United States.

If the U.S. gives Ukraine the green light, there may be new restrictions on the permit.

– I wouldn’t be surprised if something like this happened, because the whole war was full of stupid restrictions and faulty security analysis regarding Western arms aid.

According to Gustehelmi, talking about World War III could be considered pro-Russian propaganda. Russia itself can freely order drones from Iran and missiles from North Korea without fear of escalating the war.

– But the West is fine with that, yes Putin, we’re going to take these red lines of yours seriously.

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Special correspondent Emil Gustehelmy is one of the founders of the Blackbird group, which follows the pre-war situation in Ukraine. The group follows the development of the war in Ukraine through open sources and updates the situation on the War in Ukraine online map.

US President Joe Biden is now being tried in real life to authorize attacks on Russian soil with US weapons. EPA/AOP

According to military expert Emil Gustehelm, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s red lines have never existed in the past. EPA/AOP

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