The government’s labor market model is turning out to be softer than planned

The main lines of the labor market model put forward by the government of Petteri Orbo (Kok) are clear.

A task force appointed by Labor Minister Arto Satonen (Kök) agreed on the main lines of the labor market model. Atte Cajoa

The Ministry of Employment and Economy (TEM) announced on Friday that the main lines of the labor market model presented by the government are clear.

The labor market model is one of the government’s measures to reform working life. The key ideas of the model are to guarantee that other sectors cannot get higher wage increases than the export sector in collective bargaining negotiations.

The model has been controversial in the public eye, and was one of the government’s measures that caused labor unions to go on strike during the winter.

The Minister of Labor prepared legal reforms in line with the entry in the Government Scheme Arto Satonen (kok) Secretary of State Mika Nykanen In a tripartite working group headed by

– Nykänen says in a press release from the Ministry of Education that the goal is to strengthen Finland’s labor market model in order to improve long-term competitiveness and the carrying capacity of the national economy.

The employee organization does not want to negotiate on the SAK model because the government does not agree to bring other government projects to the negotiating table at the same time.

The actual bill must be introduced to parliament in September, and changes to the law could come into force at the end of the 2024 autumn session.

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General tax will be written into law

The proposed legal amendments will affect the functions of the National Arbitrator, Arbitrators and Arbitral Council.

The possibility for labor market parties to conclude agreements with each other remains unchanged in the new model.

The Tripartite Working Group’s report is still in its final stages, but we already know that the labor market model is not as rigorous as the government’s entry into the scheme.

According to the record of the government program, the law would have stipulated that the general tax of wage surveys should not be violated by the settlement plan issued by the National Conciliator or the Conciliation Council.

In the government’s labor market model, so-called general wage adjustments are not only taken into account in arbitration proceedings, but written into policy law.

In order to protect the national economy and other public interests, the arbitrator shall conduct his arbitration in a manner that does not affect wage formation and the functioning of the labor market as much as possible.

– The mediator should therefore encourage the parties to the labor dispute to negotiate balanced solutions based on Finland’s competitiveness and well-functioning wage structure. A press release from the Ministry of Education said that the arbitrator should also follow this policy while presenting the settlement proposal.

A new role for the mediator

The functions of the Conciliation Board will be more closely linked to the provisions of the Labor Disputes Act relating to arbitration of labor disputes.

– In its practice, the Conciliation Board must follow the same principles that promote the functioning of the labor market as mediator. The provisions on the issuance of a settlement proposal shall also apply to the settlement proposal issued by the arbitration panel.

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The Conciliation Council is chaired by the National Conciliator or a conciliator appointed by him. The Ministry of Labor and Economy shall appoint other members of the Mediation Committee based on the proposal of the National Mediator.

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