The heat can make the summer mosquito invasion miserable — but there’s a bright side too | Ganda-hem

A long warm season shortens the hatching time for mosquitoes. Then suddenly a large number of mosquitoes flew.

It is difficult to accurately predict the number of mosquitoes in summer. Photo: Niko Mannonen / Yle

The first mosquito observations of this summer have already been made in southern Finland. However, it is difficult to accurately predict the number of mosquitoes in the coming summer, because it is affected by many things, and there is no calculated information, for example, the number of larvae in ponds.

Thanks to a winter of plenty of snow, the conditions are in the air for a major mosquito invasion. Entomologist Reima Leinonen However, jumping to quick conclusions about mosquito populations.

Leinonen says the way the snow leaves the landscape is more important than the amount of snow. If the spring is sunny, warm, and windy, the pools of water in which mosquitoes develop from eggs to adults dry up.

On the contrary, if water is sprinkled periodically, mosquitoes are more likely to survive. According to Leinonen, the eggs should spend 2-3 weeks under water at summer temperatures, so there are more mosquitoes.

Mid-summer is the peak of the mosquito population

In the north, there is still snow in shady places and northern slopes, but southern Finland is already experiencing warm and sunny weather for the second week. Leinonen says a long, really warm season will shorten the time it takes for mosquitoes to hatch. Then suddenly a large number of mosquitoes flew.

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– Because of the simultaneous hatching, people now think there are staggering numbers of these, although considering the whole summer, not necessarily more than normal. Or maybe less of them.

In cold weather, hatching takes longer.

Although Finland is a long country, the mosquito peak always falls on both sides of summer, except in Lapland in the north. However, there are always mosquitoes.

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