The Helsinki Stock Exchange opened for sideways trading on Friday

A side shop opened on the first Friday of July. The Helsinki Stock Exchange’s general index was at 10,102.40 points in the opening minutes.

The most traded stock on Friday morning Nordea. The company’s shares were down 0.4 percent in early trade. Nordea announced this morning that it will open an investigation in Denmark against the company in an old anti-money laundering case.

Danish authorities reviewed anti-money laundering control procedures from 2015 and earlier. As a result, the National Special Crime Unit of the Danish Police, NSK, has announced that it will initiate legal proceedings in the case and bring formal charges.

Nordea communicates that it disagrees with the legal assessment made by the authorities. According to the bank, the company’s position is supported by three separate external legal assessments. Nordea considers the Bank’s earlier arrangement to be adequate in the current circumstances.

In the first quarter of 2019, Nordea made a provision related to anti-money laundering matters and has been continuously evaluating the level of provision since then.

In 2015, the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority examined whether Nordea Bank Denmark’s procedures for detecting and preventing money laundering were adequate and compliant with regulations.

The investigation led to orders issued by the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority. The Regulations do not indicate that money laundering has occurred and there are no indications of willful violation of applicable law. No individual has been accused of wrongdoing.

In June 2016, in accordance with Danish practice, the case was transferred to the Danish Public Prosecutor’s Office for further investigation.

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The stock market has recently entered a very large profit opening KalmarThe stock’s unit price rose 3.2 percent and was the biggest decliner on the other side Nightingale healthIts stock fell 1.3 percent.

Riley told its Swedish subsidiary STS Sydhamnen’s trailer service Swedish buyer Group workshop Sweden.

The release announcement did not mention the purchase price. According to Relais, with the acquisition, STS strengthens its position in the strategically important Gothenburg region and gains valuable expertise in bus repair and maintenance services.

After the separation of operations that were not part of the deal, Team Werkstad Schwerij will have an annual revenue of around 60 million kroner and an annual operating profit of around 2 million kroner, Relais says in its press release.

Completion of the deal requires the approval of the authorities in Sweden subject to the monitoring of foreign acquisitions and the fulfillment of certain customary conditions. Shares in auto aftermarket operator Relais Group opened up 1.1 percent on Friday.

Finnair’s passenger numbers are growing

Carrier Finnair Morning reported that the company’s June passenger numbers were up 9.4 percent when compared to a year earlier. The company’s stock opened the trading day up 3.2 percent.

Traffic, measured in passenger kilometers sold, increased by 8.2 percent. Passenger numbers were 80.0 percent, down 0.7 percentage points from the comparable period.

In June, Finnair’s Asia traffic was up six percent from a year ago. On the other hand, additional changes in Chicago and Dallas increased capacity in North America, where capacity increased by 16 percent.

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In Europe, capacity increased by 12 percent as additional capacity on short-body aircraft was largely allocated to Europe. Canceled Israeli flights contributed to capacity cuts in the Middle East, which fell by seven percent.

Compared to the comparable period, passenger kilometer sales in Asian transport increased by 6.5 percent. They grew 17.9 percent in North American traffic, 9.5 percent in European traffic, and 2.0 percent in domestic traffic. In Middle East traffic, it was down 7.1 percent.

Asia traffic increased by 6.1 percent, European traffic by 12.0 percent and North American traffic by 16.1 percent from the comparable period. Passenger numbers on Middle East traffic fell by 8.8 percent and on domestic traffic by 0.7 percent.

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