The NHL team Arizona Coyotes is moving to Salt Lake City, Utah

The NHL prepares to move the Coyotes to Utah with a very quick schedule. Arizona's last regular-season game will be played on April 17, and the team is scheduled to move to Salt Lake City, Utah, the next day.

Although the transfer is not yet certain, two potential tournament schedules for next season are already being discussed in the NHL According to Daily Face Off. In one, the Coyotes still play in Arizona, and in the other, the Coyotes' home games are played in Salt Lake City.

The Coyotes play at the NHL level in a smaller arena. Its home hall, the Mullet Arena, can hold only 4,600 spectators. Current owner Alex Merulo He plans to build a new hall, but before that he has to win the auction for the land on which the hall will be built.

In Utah's direction, the buyer candidate is Smith Entertainment Group, whose owner is a billionaire Ryan Smith. Its sale price is said to have reached one billion dollars. Smith's company also owns the Utah Jazz, the basketball team for which the Finnish star plays. Larry Markkanen.

Smith seems to be very optimistic about the Coyotes' move, as he already asked News Service X earlier this week about possible names for the NHL team.

Neither the Coyotes nor the NHL have officially commented on the matter.

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