“The only way is to ensure that Russia fails in Ukraine”

Just before the start of the International Peace Conference in Switzerland last week Vladimir Putin Announced his own peace plan, cynical and arrogant.

Putin’s apparent intention was to run the Atlantic Council think tank’s Ukraine Alert Service of Peter Dickinson It weakens Ukraine’s position at the Peace Conference. At the same time, it was a timely reminder that Putin is waging a war of imperial conquest and will continue to make his grandiose demands until he is stopped.

Under Putin’s peace terms, one-fifth of Ukraine would remain under Russian control, it said. It would also mean large areas that Russia never occupied.

– This new peace proposal is the latest example of territorial claims tied to Russia’s ten-year invasion of Ukraine. Time and again, Putin has rejected accusations of expansionism, but has since intensified his war of aggression, Dickinson said. says in his latest study.

Nothing is enough for Vladimir Putin

In February 2014, Putin assured the Kremlin that he had no other regional goals other than the return of the Crimean peninsula to Russia. After he denied any other motive against Ukraine, it was only weeks before Russian forces appeared in eastern Ukraine’s Donbass as local rebels.

When Putin announced a full-scale attack on Ukraine in February 2022, Russia reiterated that it was not targeting Ukrainian territories. However, six months later, he firmly announced the annexation of four Ukrainian provinces to Russia.

According to Dickinson, the new “peace plan” confirms that Putin has no desire to reach a lasting peace with Ukraine, but the goal is to wipe the Ukrainian state from the European map and destroy the Ukrainian nation.

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– As if to emphasize this, Putin has attached to his latest demands a chilling warning that Ukraine’s existence depends on Kiev’s willingness to accept his terms, Dickinson says.

– As anyone who knows a bit of Russian history knows, besides Ukraine, there are at least fifteen countries that were once part of the Russian Empire and thus fulfill Putin’s definition of “historically Russian”. They are all potential targets now. While it’s impossible to know exactly what Putin will do next after winning Ukraine, it seems a far-fetched scenario that he’ll simply decide to leave, Dickinson says.

– The only way to avoid a geopolitical future marked by growing insecurity and a new rise of imperialism is to ensure that Russia fails in Ukraine, he insists. For him, Putin’s “peace plan” is a painful reminder of this.

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