The US military raised the alarm in Europe

The alert level has been raised to the second highest level.

USEUCOM, the headquarters of US Forces Europe in Stuttgart, Germany, would not comment on the raised alert level but said it would remain vigilant. Imago game

Several US military bases across Europe were put on alert over the weekend. The alert was raised to the second highest level of the five-step scale

US military officials said CNN:lleThat the possibility of a terrorist attack has increased.

Also, the US State Department has advised US citizens in Germany to be on special alert due to the threat of terrorism.

The officials, who spoke to CNN on condition of anonymity, said the threat level had not been this high “in at least a decade” and that the military generally had “credible information about the threat.”

European authorities have raised the threat level due to the ongoing Paris Olympics and European Football Championship in Germany.

Recently, the threat level has increased due to terrorist attacks by radical Islamists in Russia.

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