The woman touched the statue – Russia played the Nazi card

The woman is not allowed to publish anything on the internet for two years.

A recent ruling shows that Russian citizens can be punished for ticking this 85-meter tall statue in Volgograd. ZumaWire / MVPHOTOS

A court in Russia's Volgograd region has ordered ten months of forced labor for a young woman who “taunted” a statue, an independent Russian online newspaper reported. Medusa.

Aliona Agafonova He shared a video on Instagram stories of himself pretending to shout at a World War II memorial Country of birth – Bust of statue. In the background, Agafonova plays music familiar to many from the circus, Julius Fusikin Arrival of the Gladiators.

Medusa says Agafonova's video was discovered by pro-Kremlin bloggers. The stories would disappear a day after they were posted, but the bloggers who posted the video started sharing it.

The young woman was accused of “rehabilitating Nazism”, that is, restoring its reputation. The Russian Investigative Committee accused them of “immoral and cynical actions” that “insulted the perseverance of the Soviet people during the Great Patriotic War.” In Russia, the term refers to World War II.

In addition to forced labor, Agafonova is banned from publishing anything on the Internet for two years.

A tickling video shot by Agafonova in July 2023 is going viral on X. If you don't see the embed below, you can check it out By clicking here.

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