There is a bear in the bedos in Kuopio and the police are urging you to avoid walking in the area | Northern Savo

Suristavirgapu thinks the bear has moved to the nearby Jinkanvuri area. However, the recommendation to avoid going outside is still valid.

Hunters who offer big game help try to find the bear. Photo: Jukka Eskanen / Yle

Anna Rongeinen,

Petri Karvinen,

Jukka Eskanen

A bear was spotted in the Bettonen district of Kuopio. The bear was spotted in Bustilanti area after seven o’clock in the morning.

Eastern Finland Police ask you to avoid unnecessary movement in the area.

Suurriistavirka-apu (SRVA) is currently tracking the bear with a dog. Before help arrived, two police patrols tried to check on the bear.

It is known that no new observations were made after eight thirty. It is thought that the bear may have moved to the nearby Jinkanwoori area.

A street sign in a summer landscape with a painted image of a bear and text "Pustilandi".

Pictures of bears are painted on street signs in the Petonen area – Puustilantie. Photo: Jukka Eskanen / Yle

– Primarily, we are not aiming to kill the bear, but to get observations on whether it will get out safely, Inspector Jirgi Koskinen The police situation center said in the morning.

A man in sunglasses, dressed in yellow casual with a text saying about big game job help, has a gun on his shoulder.

Jyrki Rissanen, head of the hunting association of the Jännevirta region, is one of those who provided SRVA assistance. Photo: Jukka Eskanen / Yle

A person living near the place of observation Kimmo from Miko The information about the bear startled me. Mikkonen changed his dog’s walking route because of the bear threat.

— You have heard these reports from other places, but I have not met the bear myself. Mikkonen says to be prepared for this situation.

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A man wearing a black shirt, glasses and gray hair stands in front of a rock in the sunlight, with a white wooden fence in the background.

There have been wild deer in the past near Kimmo Mikkonen’s house. On the other hand, seeing a bear is a new thing. Photo: Jukka Eskanen / Yle

Pettonen is a neighborhood close to nature, located ten kilometers south of the center of Kuopio. Nearby are the residential areas of Pioro, Litmanen and Pitkalahti, as well as the southern parts of the archipelago city, Birtinimi and Savolanimi.

About 15,000 people live in the area.

Summer sleepy neighborhood landscape with pale detached houses.

Bustilanti is quiet and calm. Photo: Jukka Eskanen / Yle

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