There is a strike in the health service sector

Talks over the weekend failed to find a solution.

Explanation by Silja Paola, President of Super. Petteri Paalasmaa

X News Service’s National Reconciliation Spokesman Says Collective Bargaining Talks in the Private Health Care Sector Are Not Finding a Solution

The unions Tehy, Super and Erto, or Sote ry, issued a strike warning on May 13 for the imaging work of Mehilainen, Tervistalo, Pihlajalinna and Sinlap.

According to the National Mediator, a solution did not win all weekend.

According to the National Mediator, no negotiation results have been reached as the views of the parties are far apart.

– In health services sector, contract settlement is sought for all weekends. Unfortunately, the views of the parties are so different that it is impossible to reach a negotiated solution and the mediator does not have the conditions to issue a settlement plan. Strikes will take place with these opportunities, the publication writes.

– Well, there was a slightly different offering on both sides, Super’s chairman commented Silja Paola Negotiations.

– When there are such long and demanding negotiations, if all the pieces are not in place, it can be very turbulent. A small amount of oxygen is drawn in.

When will the talks resume?

– As there is a super’s union meeting on Wednesday next week, I assume there will be no meetings then. So it goes to Friday, or the weekend, or the beginning of June, which is the third day.

So will the planned strikes take place next week?

– Ju.

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A day-long strike will be held from Tuesday to Friday, 28-31. May.

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