These are the 5 big questions in Walkekoski’s teenage death

There are still many unanswered questions surrounding Walkekoski’s murder.

A week before the start of the school children’s summer vacation, the town of Walkekoski faced an extraordinary tragedy when a 15-year-old girl was found dead in the forest.

As the girl did not return home by nightfall, a complaint was lodged with the police on Saturday morning. The girl was found near her house in Naga’s residential area. The discovery was made by the youth who had spent the evening with the victim and informed the emergency center. Police do not suspect youths involved in criminal activities.

Police said on Saturday afternoon that they suspect murder in the case. On Saturday evening, the police arrested a man from Valkikoski, born in 2005, on suspicion of murder and aggravated rape of a child.

The girl, the victim of the suspected murder, was in ninth grade at Sorilla Comprehensive School and graduated last summer. The girl had siblings.

Those who knew the girl described her as loving, social, and everyone’s friend.

Over the weekend, many candles were brought to the spot where the body was found in memory of the dead girl. Juha Veli Jokinen

At this time, there are many open questions hanging in this case.

1. What is the motive for murder?

The public was not told why a particular 15-year-old girl was chosen as the victim. Iltalehdi asked the Crime Commissioner From Jari Kinnuse, whether it was accidental or premeditated and whether the victim and the suspect knew each other from the past. Kinnunen did not directly answer the question.

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– I previously commented that random acts against young people are very rare in Finland, he commented to Iltalehte on Sunday.

To Sanomat of Helsing Kinnunen, on the other hand, said it was a rare, accidental incident.

– I don’t think there will be any family or relationship drama from this, he is from H.S.

2. What is the mode of crime?

The arrested man is now suspected of murder and aggravated rape of a child. Topics may change as the investigation progresses.

Because this is a very serious violent crime against a minor, police said they would not elaborate on the pattern of the act to protect the victim. Therefore, it is not known whether a bladed weapon was used in the crime.

3. When and where did the crime take place?

For the reasons mentioned above, the police also did not specify the crime scene. Police did not comment on whether the victim was killed at the same location where the body was found.

The murdered girl was found in a forest near her house in Naka residential area. There is a light traffic road next to the forest.

Police have asked to be seen between midnight and 2 am between Friday and Saturday. However, an exact estimate of dead time has not been published.

The police cordoned off the spot where the body was found in the forest. Juha Veli Jokinen

4. What happened before the tragedy?

It is known that the 15-year-old girl had spent the evening with her friends before the suspected murder. According to Iltalehti, the girl was in the ninth grade, meaning she would have finished primary school in a week.

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Police have yet to elaborate on how the youths’ night out progressed. Crime District Commissioner Kinnunen told Iltalethi that there was no drama involved in the evening.

– I can say nothing more than that the young people are doing the right and legal thing, Kinnunen commented on Sunday.

Ilda-sanom According to information, the girl was active on the Snapchat messaging service till 00:30 on Saturday. One of the messages sent by the girl shows that she was inside the house shortly before 1.30 am, but there is no exact information about where the photo was taken.

According to IS, the girl was found in the evening at a local barbecue kiosk, from where she started walking a kilometer and a half towards her home.

5. How did the police find the suspect?

The police did not say anything other than that the arrested person was born in 2005 and hails from Valkikoski. Police brushed off the rumors circulating on social media and said the suspect was not of foreign origin.

According to the police, the person was arrested based on the information received during the preliminary investigation. Police have yet to say what that information is.

In its press release on Sunday, the Interior Finland Police said the case had been investigated using tactical and technical methods. Crime District Commissioner Kinnunen told Iltalehti that there are a lot of online tips and they are being verified by the police’s own investigation. According to Kinnusen, the police have so far managed very well with their own methods.

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The tragedy silenced the city

According to locals interviewed by Iltalehti, the community in Valkyakoski is tight-knit and everyone knows each other. What happened shocked me deeply. Crisis assistance has already been arranged for local youth on Saturday.

Over the weekend many candles were brought to the affected area. On Sunday, a memorial service for the victim, a 15-year-old boy, was organized at Kappelingkirke. In this event, the relatives of the victim and the people of the town participated.

Sorilla Unified School said it is preparing to support students in the last week of spring. A moment of silence will be observed at all schools in the city on Monday morning due to the weekend’s events.

On Sunday, May 26, 2024, a funeral was organized at the Walkegoski Chapel Church in memory of a 15-year-old girl who was killed in the village the previous day. Juha Veli Jokinen

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