This is how it happened at Eurovision: Switzerland won, second favorite

Nemo won the Eurovision Song Contest representing Switzerland. Finland is ranked 19th.

Switzerland won the 2024 Eurovision Song Contest. The final was held in Malmö, Sweden on Saturday evening.

A piece of Switzerland code Represented Nemo collected full points from 19 countries. The show scored a total of 591 points.

Croatia, which came second, collected the most public votes. Third place was taken by Ukraine.

Five-way winner Nemo holds the glass trophy. ZumaWire / MVPHOTOS

Besides Croatia, Israel and Ukraine collected the most public votes. Croatia scored 337 points, Israel scored 323 points and Ukraine scored 307 points.

France received 227 points from the public and Switzerland 226 points.

The winning country, Switzerland, was in fifth place based on the public vote. Switzerland received 226 points from the public.

A full list of results can be found at the end of the story.

“Success went to the right address”

Finland came 19th out of five with its song No rules! The Windows95man representation collected a total of 38 points. Finland received 31 points from the public and 7 from the judges.

Windows95man Teemu Keisteri and Henri Piispanen hailed the winner for Ildate.

– We love Nemo. The profits went to the right address, Keisteri summarized.

Windows95man’s presentation doesn’t slow down. ZumaWire / MVPHOTOS

19th place didn’t bother either of them.

– Good feeling. “It’s a good show,” Bisbanen said.

This is what Finland would have decided

The Finnish observers awarded the full 12 points to Israel and the jury to Switzerland.

But if only Finland decided to win, the points were distributed so that Switzerland and Croatia would share the trophy. The duo scored a total of 20 points from Finland.

Ukraine would be third and Israel fourth.

This is how Finland scored points

20 points for Croatia (10 from the audience, 10 from the team)

20 points for Switzerland (8 from spectators, 12 from team)

14 points for Ukraine (6 from spectators, 8 from team)

12 points for Israel (from public)

11 points for Ireland (5 from the crowd, 6 from the board)

9 points for France (4 from spectators, 5 from team)

7 points for Sweden (from the board)

7 points for Estonia (from public)

4 points for Luxembourg (from the board)

4 points for Spain (3 from spectators, 1 from team)

3 points for Norway (1 from spectators, 2 from team)

3 points for Germany (from the board)

2 points for Austria (from public)

The Finnish council includes Bekka Ruska (entrepreneur-artist). Miko Nimela (Promoter, Ruisrock), Markus Sjöström (Program and Music Manager, NRJ) Kaisa Ronco (Director, Arts Promotion Centre) and Sunny Kurkisuo (musician).

The Finnish audience gave full marks to Israel’s representative, Edan Golan, who performed the song “Hurricane”. ZumaWire / MVPHOTOS

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Results of the finals

Switzerland won Eurovision for the third time. 36 years have passed since the previous victory. The first win came in 1956 and the second in 1988.

Eurovision results

1. Switzerland: 591 points

2. Croatia: 547 points

3. Ukraine: 453 points

4. France: 445 points

5. Israel: 375 points

6. Ireland: 278 points

7. Italy: 268 points

8. Armenia: 183 points

9. Sweden: 174 points

10. Portugal: 152 points

11. Greece: 126 points

12. Germany: 117 points

13. Luxembourg: 103 points

14. Lithuania: 90 points

15. Cyprus: 78 points

16. Latvia: 64 points

17. Serbia: 54 points

18. Britain: 46 points

19. Finland: 38 points

20. Estonia: 37 points

21. Georgia: 34 points

22. Spain: 30 points

23. Slovenia: 27 points

24. Austria: 24 points

25. Norway: 16 points

The audience cheered when the Israeli representative appeared. Ask yourself! Newsflare, Reuters

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