“This is Orbán’s Waterloo” – new challenge in Hungarian politics crushes Fidesz’s support

Prime Minister of Hungary By Viktor Orban The Fidesz party collected 44.6 percent of the vote in the European elections, making the party the largest group in its country in Brussels.

Fidesz’s strong-sounding result is significantly weaker than in 2019, when the party collected 51.48 percent of the vote. According to Europe Elections, Fidesz will win 11 seats, while it collected 13 in the last election. Tissa, a newcomer to the Hungarian political scene, wins seven seats.

In total, Hungary has 21 seats in the European Parliament.

about this Euronews According to Orbán’s worst election results in nearly two decades. He writes that the last time Fidesz fell below 50% was in the 2004 election, when it received 47.4% support. Politics.

The impasse is caused by the challenge of Prime Minister Orbán Peter is Hungarian, the Tissa party now has 29.7 percent of the vote. Magyar, Hungary’s justice minister, resigned in February Judith Vargan An ex-husband and lawyer who was long part of the influential elite surrounding the Fidesz party.

Peter is Hungarian. Hungary’s new opposition leader’s party took part in European elections for the first time, winning seven seats immediately. Next, Magyar looks at the parliamentary elections in Hungary. Image: EPA/Robert Hegedus

An unusual pedophilia scandal is brewing in the wake of Magyar’s rise. Hungarian internet media Direct36 exposed Justice Minister Varga and the President Catalin Novaquin A person close to the Fidesz party who was convicted of covering up a pedophilia scandal at a kindergarten has been pardoned. Varga and Novak were forced to leave their positions as a result of the uproar over the revelation.

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Magyar, who describes himself as pro-NATO and pro-Europe, has soared in public on the wings of a scandal and accused Orbán’s government of abuse and corruption. Magyar has also vowed to return EU billions frozen from Hungary for breaking the law.

Magyar drew large crowds to his campaign events and intimidated Orban. Ahead of the European elections, he rallied tens of thousands of his supporters in the capital Budapest to show support for the new party.

“This is the Waterloo of Orban’s power plant, the beginning of the end,” Magyar said. Hungarian media By.

Associated Press According to Magyar, he threatened to usher in a new era in Hungary with the help of “not hundreds, but millions of supporters”. Magyar plans to use the European elections to boost his position in order to defeat Orban in the 2026 parliamentary elections.

Prime Minister Orbán has not appeared in public with a sense of defeat, but has declared that the outcome of the European elections is about immigration, gender ideology, war and big investors. George Soros and stopping Brussels.

“Today we have defeated the old opposition, the new opposition, and the next time, whatever they are called, we will defeat them all over again,” Orban said, according to the Associated Press.

Autocratic Orbán has ruled Hungary since 2010, but his party has been sidelined in the European Parliament. The pro-Russian Fidesz was kicked out of parliament’s largest group, the EPP, in 2021, and since then it has been among allies, meaning it has been running in parliament without its own group.

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However, the Italian Prime Minister, who heads a coalition of ECR ​​parties, is about to change the situation Georgia Meloney It has promised Orbán a seat in the ECR after the European elections. The ECR’s Fundamental Finns and Sweden Democrats oppose Orbán’s entry into the group, but in addition to Melon’s Italian brothers-in-law, Poland’s former ruling party Law and Justice also supports it.

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Hungary’s return to the EU’s governing table, which has resisted supporting Ukraine, depends on Prime Minister Mellon, the so-called kingmaker, in the next EU Commission chief election. Orban has also announced his support for France’s far-right leader Marine Le Benin A proposal to merge the IT and ECR groups, which is currently in question.

Besides the formation of parliamentary committees, there is much to see in Hungary in the coming months. Opposite buttons Ursula von der Leyenin Hungary, which remains with the Commission, takes over the EU’s rotating presidency in July.

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