This is the group that brings the most weapons to Parliament – Deputy Speaker slams Timo Voronen's questionable move

Parliamentary Hermitage Club goes on joint boat trips. According to Saku Nikkanen, the club's vice president, the weapons used by the club's members will be confiscated by parliament in accordance with the instructions.

Member of parliament of basic Finland Timo Vornanen The parliamentary committee does not belong to the club, the club's vice-president confirms Saku Nikanen (SD).

Eduskuntan eräkerho is a club focused on hunting.

– Our activities focus on collective hunting trips. Club members from different provinces will join joint boats. In some cases, Nikkanen says, you can bring your own gun to parliament for temporary storage.

– So, for example, if a member of parliament from another province comes to Helsinki at the beginning of the week, he can detain the weapon.

Nikkanen explains how the gun is stored. First, bringing a recreational firearm into Parliament must be agreed in advance with the Department of Defense. After that, it is taken to the Defense Department, which seizes the weapon and takes it to storage.

– The weapon is then stored in properly locked premises. Nikkanen says you can take it there when you go hunting later.

– It is important to follow the instructions. Weapons should not be stored under any circumstances, for example, in the trunk of a car or especially on a construction site.

The gun is rarely used for hunting

A rifle or shotgun is usually used for hunting. chart. Tommy Nadri / All Over Press

Vornanen is currently suspected of causing danger, unlawful threatening and firearms offences. On the night before Friday, April 26, in front of the Ihku nightclub in the center of Helsinki, Vornesen is suspected of pointing a gun at people and shooting on the ground.

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According to the police, Wornes was in possession of a licensed small-caliber weapon. Police did not say whether Vornazen had the gun with him earlier in Parliament.

According to Nikkanen, hunters rarely use handguns. This is usually a rifle or shotgun depending on the animal being hunted.

– Especially if, for example, a raccoon or a mink is trapped. Handguns are mainly used as a termination weapon.

According to Nikkanen, the club has 42 MPs and some parliamentary officers. The Patch Club includes members of Parliament across party lines.

Nikkanen is a first-time MP. He has been the vice-president of the Hermitage Club for almost a year.

– I think responsible gun storage is definitely a thing among hunters. But when we get down to the personal level, unfortunately you never know.

“Totally unacceptable”

Timo Vornanen, Member of Parliament of Basic Finland, is suspected of a crime against life and health. Markku ulander/press photo

Nikkanen reckons it's not up to club members to bring a gun into parliament. What matters most is whether the person has a permit to carry a weapon.

– I would rate the parliament's gun storage not for storage, except for possible boat trips, says Nikkanen.

– Vornanen's case should be condemned, no ambiguity. You don't go out for fun with a gun, let alone use it. That is totally unacceptable.

According to Iltalehti, Wornaze's gun was not stored in the security wing of the parliament until at least Thursday.

STT: Since the end of February, Parliament has imposed restrictions on the stockpiling of weapons. Arms must be stored in a designated area within the Parliament premises as designated by the Security Department.

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Administrative director Bertie Rauhio However, the STT states that it is the individual responsibility of each representative to take his weapon to the Department of Defense for safekeeping. According to Rouhio, compliance with the order is not monitored separately.

– You can never take too much care when storing and transporting weapons. No one can access the weapon from outside. Nikkanen says that a person who carries a weapon has a great responsibility.

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