This is the salary of Stanley Cup winner Alexander Fargo

The brightest star in Finnish NHL hockey Alexander Barkov The Florida Panthers celebrated their Stanley Cup victory last night.

Barkov, who served as the team’s captain in the 2018-2019 season, is not only the salary king of Finland’s hockey players, but also one of the league clubs. The daredevil Largest shareholders.

Barkov, who represented the Florida club during his 11-season NHL career, signed the most lucrative Finnish contract in the NHL through the fall of 2021. The eight-year contract, worth a total of $80 million, guarantees the Finnish player an average seasonal earnings of $10 million during the contract period.

Fargo’s deal is a priority. Thanks to the signing bonus, Barkov will make $12 million per season for the first three seasons of the deal. There’s still one season left of the giant earnings.

Revenues will steadily decline from the 2025-2026 season. In the aforementioned season, Fargo’s revenue was $11.6 million, compared to just $7.2 million in the past two seasons.

Earnings at the top of the series – However, increasing the salary cap remains a challenge

The NHL uses a salary cap system that sets the maximum amount of money teams can spend per season. The current system has been in use since the 2005-2006 season. In that case, the salary cap was set at $39 million.

The ceiling has risen steadily over the years, but this coming season sees a particularly big jump. website Reported in JuneThe salary cap will increase to $88 million for the 2024-2025 season. In the season just ended, it was $83.5 million.

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As of the season ended, Fargo’s salary was the twelfth best in terms of average earnings in the NHL. Due to the salary cap increase for the upcoming season, Fargo’s income will be higher due to star players whose contracts expire in the current season.

Next season, the salary of a Finnish hockey player will be the fifteenth best in the league. Above is the star player of the Toronto Maple Leafs Austen MathewsHe will make $13.25 million this coming season.


Alexander Barkov

Who: Professional hockey player, 737 NHL games, recent Stanley Cup winner

Seura: Florida Panthers, NHL

Born: 1995, Tampere

A significant investment

Apart from his hockey career, Barkov is also active as an investor. Tabara, one of the league’s longest-running champions Announced Summer 2020Barkov has invested in Thapara’s background company Damhoki Oithrough significant capital investment.

evening newspaper News next year, that the investment is 508,500 euros. As a result of the investment, Barkov became the third largest shareholder in his foster club.

The company, which is part of Fargo, has enjoyed moderate success in recent years. Whereas many league clubs have recently teetered on the brink of bankruptcy Damhoki Oi In the previous financial year, a turnover of 17.2 million, a profit of 0.3 million euro.

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