Ticketmaster has confirmed that it is investigating a massive data breach targeting the company News Fin

Ticketing giant Ticketmaster has confirmed it is investigating a massive data breach targeting the company.

The group of hackers said they accessed the data of 560 million customers. The Australian government and the US Federal Police have already said on Thursday that they are investigating the claims by the hacker group ShinyHunters.

On Monday, a website called ShinyHunters Dark Web said Ticketmaster had stolen customers’ names, addresses, phone numbers and partial credit card information. The group traded the information for $500,000.

Ticketmaster’s parent company, Live Nation Entertainment, has notified the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), which oversees US financial markets, that it has detected unauthorized activity in a third-party cloud database.

In a document submitted to authorities, the company says it first noticed the unauthorized activity on May 20, a week before the hacker group announced its activities online.

Cooperates with authorities

According to Ticketmaster, the event has not had a significant impact on, for example, the company’s business or financial condition, and the company does not believe there will be any.

– We are working to reduce the risks to our users and our company, the company said, adding that it is cooperating with law enforcement authorities.

ShinyHunters gained notoriety in 2020-2021 when they stole and distributed customer data of more than 60 companies. A French hacker who was part of the group received a three-year prison sentence in the US in January this year and was ordered to pay more than five million dollars in compensation for damages caused by data breaches.

Ticketmaster has long been criticized in the US for its dominant market position. Last week, the US Department of Justice and dozens of states sued ticketing giant Live Nation Entertainment, seeking to force the company to sell Ticketmaster.

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