Tuomas Enbuske and a mystical beauty on a romantic day walk – tell-all sneak peeks!

The media personality walked hand-in-hand with a brown-haired girl in Sunny Kaiwobuisto.

On Easter Monday, Cheeska's paparazzi discovered journalist Congari
Thomas Enbuske, 46, spent a summer in Kaivopuisto, Helsinki. Seuranaa Tuomaks had an attractive dark complexion.

Photographed in an intimate setting, the couple seemed happy together. The prying eyes of outsiders did not bother the two on a day's walk. Even Dumas was excited to walk hand in hand with Beauty!

As he flirted with the famous beauty, he posed for beach scenes.

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“We're Just Friends”

Cieska reached Tuomak in the middle of a hectic work week. The journalist, who remains mum about her love affairs, said she and her Easter partner were “just friends”.

– I do not want to open this matter in more detail. That would sound silly, Tomas thought.

Journalist Konkari didn't admit spring in his chest, but the man's speech exuded that sunny attitude. Although there is no love in the air, Tuomax's heart seems strangely excited by the beautiful consort.

Toumas gently elbowed his outside companion.

Lively love life

The story continues after the announcement

Notice ends

An all-rounder who is bored in the sun and is used to beautiful women.

Tuomas divorced his wife Hannah Norrena in 2013. The ex-married couple has two children.

In recent years, Tumakson's sideline has attracted attention from many comrades. The most famous of them is probably the Coalition Influencer Khatri Manninan. Kadri and Dumaxen split in 2022.

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