Ukrainian War, Day 780

This article summarizes the most important events of the war in Ukraine since Friday, April 12, 2024. It was the 780th day of the war.

  • Newsbook Reveals: Donald Trump Considered Ukraine Part of Russia
  • US proposes to fund Ukraine with frozen Russian funds.
  • Controversial mobilization law voted in Ukraine's parliament

Putin's explanations: Russia “forced” to attack

According to Russian President Vladimir Putin, Russia was forced to attack Ukraine's critical infrastructure. With this “need” he justified, among other things, attacks on Ukrainian power plants.

Russia attacked Ukraine heavily on Thursday. According to the Ukrainian Air Force, Russia launched a total of 82 missiles and drones. According to the military, Ukraine was able to repel 18 missiles and 39 drones.

Russian missiles and drones destroyed the Trypilska power plant, among others. Apart from the power plant located near the capital Kiev, Russia attacked power plants in various parts of Ukraine.

“Unfortunately, we recently noticed a series of attacks on our energy targets and we are forced to respond,” Putin told Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko, according to Russian news agencies.

Putin seems to have forgotten that the attacks in Ukraine were the result of Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Speaking to Lukashenko, Putin linked attacks on energy infrastructure to Russia's goal of militarizing Ukraine.

Launching a full-scale war of aggression, Putin said Russia had deliberately tried to avoid such attacks in winter for “humanitarian reasons”.

Ukraine has turned to its allies for air defense assistance in an increasingly desperate manner.

– We need air defense and other security support, not blindly and long discussions, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyi says in Telegram.

Zelenskyi condemned the attacks as terrorism.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba also expressed the need for security support in a tougher tone. Kuleba used American-made Patriot anti-aircraft systems.

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– What is there to discuss? Kuleba said in an interview with Ukraine's state news agency Ukrinform.

– There is only one question: give us patriotic organizations. If we had the patriots we would not have lost all this today.

Vladimir Putin has justified Russia's attacks on Ukraine's critical infrastructure as “necessary”. EPA/AOP

Book: Trump thought Ukraine belonged to Russia

Fiona Hill, who served as an adviser to former US President Donald Trump, said in her book that Trump made it very clear that Ukraine should belong to Russia.

This was reported Guardian.

This newsletter deals with Russia and China as a national security threat to the United States.

– He could not deal with the fact that Ukraine is a free country. The New Cold Wars: China's Rise, Russia's Invasion, and America's Struggle to Protect the West – as stated in the book.

Hill served as the US National Security Council's lead Russia expert from 2017 to 2019. Hill was one of the key witnesses in Trump's criminal trial.

Fiona Hill is one of the leading American experts on Russia. And now he's published an account of President Trump in his new book. EPA/AOP

FT: This is how the US will provide billions in economic aid to Ukraine

The U.S. is proposing to use the proceeds from frozen assets from the Russian government as collateral for a loan that could quickly raise tens of billions of dollars to Ukraine.

says about it Financial Times, according to which the United States wants to discuss this plan at the G7 finance ministers' meeting in Washington next week. The aim is to resolve the issue ahead of the G7 meeting in June.

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G7 countries are divided over what to do with Russia's frozen assets of around $260 billion. The United States has supported the idea of ​​a full confiscation of assets for Ukraine.

However, European leaders have rejected the idea, fearing it would violate international laws and disrupt the market. EU countries want to give Ukraine only interest income collected from frozen funds.

– We are at the point where we need to find all the ways to increase the value of frozen funds for the benefit of Ukraine acting as an advisor to the White House. Dalip Singh He says.

– We can't wait forever.

After US support for Ukraine stalled in the House of Representatives, the West scrambled to find ways to help Ukraine.

According to Singh, the U.S. proposal would value interest income from Russia's already frozen funds if used to collect billions in loans to Ukraine.

Until now, European countries transfer the income collected from Russian funds to Ukraine every six months. According to Singh, this can be amplified.

– Instead of converting annual interest income [–] He says it is theoretically possible to replace interest income 10 or 30 years in advance.

According to the Financial Times, Ukraine has so far received $3.85 billion from frozen Russian assets.

White House adviser Talib Singh explains in the Financial Times how to get the most out of Russia's frozen assets. EPA/AOP

Ukraine's parliament approves mobilization law

On Thursday, the Ukrainian parliament approved a demobilization law that sparked outrage.

In the 450-seat Parliament, 283 MPs voted in favor of the legislation, while 49 MPs abstained.

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The controversial law includes several benefits for soldiers serving in the Ukrainian armed forces, such as bonuses for soldiers fighting on the front lines and compensation for families of soldiers killed in battle.

However, Ukrainian veterans and their families are outraged that a paragraph in an earlier draft that would have exempted veterans who have served in the armed forces for 36 months was removed from the approved law.

The leadership of the Ukrainian Armed Forces called for open resistance due to the manpower shortage affecting the Ukrainian forces.

According to the New York Times, the need for new recruits for the Ukrainian armed forces has been evident since last fall. Ukrainian troops are tired, but new faces are available, just like in Russia.

– The attack continues along the entire front line. At the moment, it is impossible to weaken the security forces, the spokesman of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine commented.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyin The bill still needs to be passed, but he is expected to sign it into law soon.

Zelenskyi signed a law last month that lowered the minimum age for joining the armed forces from 27 to 25. This law was also controversial, which is why Zelensky waited almost a year before signing it.

Despite Ukraine's dire need for soldiers, veterans fighting on the frontlines are skeptical of the law passed on Thursday. The 46-year-old gunman spoke to AFP news agency Oleksandr Considers the law a “catastrophe”.

– He says that if one is like a slave, nothing good will come of it.

Ukrainian soldiers are tired of more than two years of war, but the new ones are under a rock. AOP

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