Ukrainian War, Day 785

This article summarizes the most important events of the war in Ukraine since Thursday, April 18, 2024. It was the 785th day of the war.

  • Ukraine's military intelligence estimates that an attack on Crimea would cause heavy losses for Russia.
  • The foreign representative of the European Union said that Europe cannot expect and hopes that the United States will help Ukraine.
  • The man who planned to kill Volodymyr Zelensky was arrested in Poland.

Ukraine: Crimea invasion is a billion-dollar bomb for Russia

According to Ukraine's military intelligence, Wednesday's attack on an air base in occupied Crimea would have caused heavy losses for Russia.

Let me tell you about it Ukrainska Pravdan According to military intelligence, four S-400 air defense systems were destroyed in the attack on the Džankoi airbase in northern Crimea. Unit cost of the S-400 system considered as About $600 million.

According to the Military Intelligence Service, three radar stations and other anti-aircraft and reconnaissance equipment were destroyed or “significantly damaged” in the attack.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky Earlier he congratulated his troops for a well-executed strike.

Russia has not commented on the attack.

EU's Borrell: We can't rely on America alone

The EU cannot wait for the US to help Ukraine, the Union's foreign representative Joseph Borrell said Thursday, according to news agency Reuters.

EU member states should send anti-aircraft aid to Ukraine to defend against Russian bombings, Borrell said.

– We have patriotic systems, we have anti-missile systems. Borel told reporters at the G7 foreign ministers' meeting on the island of Capri that they should be taken out of their place and sent to war-torn Ukraine.

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– Otherwise, the electricity system of Ukraine will be destroyed. He also said that no country can fight without electricity everywhere, be it homes, factories or data networks.

According to Joseph Borel, the EU should finally take responsibility for helping Ukraine. EPA/AOP

Borrell urged EU countries' decision-makers to act quickly and expressed regret that internal political squabbling in the US Congress had delayed a planned more than $60 billion aid package for Ukraine.

– We cannot rely on America alone. We need to take responsibility and stop saying “Oh, yes, America does that,''' Borrell said.

Polish man arrested for plotting Zelensky's murder

A man suspected of plotting to kill Ukrainian President Zelensky was arrested in Poland on Thursday, Polish and Ukrainian prosecutors said. The matter was reported by AFP.

Polish prosecutors said in their statement that the Polish man was suspected of providing information to Russian intelligence services and assisting Russian special forces in a possible assassination attempt.

The suspect is said to have been willing to act on behalf of the Russian Federation's military intelligence service and to have made contact with Russian citizens operating in the war in Ukraine.

Chief Prosecutor of Ukraine Andriy Kostin The suspect provided security information from Poland's Rzeszow-Jasionka Airport. Zelensky reportedly traveled through the airport several times.

– This case highlights Russia's threat to the entire free world, Kostin wrote in the instant news service X.

The man who planned to kill Volodymyr Zelensky was caught in Poland. AOP

EU boss: Ukraine aid will take days

President of the Council of Europe Charles Michael He told reporters that delivering weapons to Ukraine would take days and weeks rather than months.

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– Keeping promises is important. I can assure you that everyone involved is doing everything they can to speed up our productivity. But this is not enough. We need to do more.

According to Michelin, all EU leaders are unanimous in their support for Ukraine. This is reported by a Russian speaker BBC.

Russia says it destroyed Ukraine's ammunition depot

A crew of Russian T-72B3 tanks destroyed a Ukrainian ammunition depot on the banks of the Dnieper River from a distance of two kilometers, a Russian newspaper reported. Exported.

Izvestija refers to information from the Russian Ministry of Defense. According to the ministry, the drones discovered a Ukrainian ammunition depot during aerial reconnaissance, which was decided to be destroyed by tank fire.

– The ammunition store was quickly destroyed, after which the crew left the fire station, disguised, writes the Russian newspaper.

Scholes: NATO countries rapidly deploy patriot formations to Ukraine

Chancellor of Germany Olaf Scholes He said Thursday in Brussels that he hoped NATO countries would soon provide six Patriot anti-aircraft systems.

– We believe that six organizations will be found in NATO countries, and I have tried to promote this issue here in many discussions, the president commented at the EU summit, Reuters reported.

Scholz reminded that Germany has already promised to provide Ukraine with a patriotic organization.

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