Ukrainian War, Day 850.

This article summarizes the most important events of the war in Ukraine since Saturday, June 22, 2024. It was the 850th day of the war.

  • Ukraine’s energy grid has suffered massive damage as a result of Russia’s concentrated attacks. According to President Zelensky, already half of the country’s electricity generation capacity is unusable.
  • US arms embargoes prevent Ukrainians from attacking Russian airfields.
  • Germany has arrested three people for espionage.

Russia concentrated its attacks in the Doretsk area

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is reporting application In Telegram After the implementation of the “long sleep” of Russian forces in the Doretsk region. The issue was reported by a Ukrainian newspaper, among others Independence of Kiev.

In its message, the General Staff of the Armed Forces says that Ukrainian soldiers succeeded in repelling attacks aimed at the Russian border. Russia attempted five simultaneous attacks on Nju-York, Pivnitšne and Pivdene.

– Aviation, missile and artillery units of the Ukrainian Defense Forces attacked five areas where Russian personnel were concentrated, the General Staff wrote in a telegram.

Ukrainian strikes hit two Russian control points, a command and observation point and two Russian air defense systems, the report said.

Zelensky: “Russia destroyed half of Ukraine’s electricity production capacity”

Russia has reportedly launched a large-scale attack targeting Ukraine’s energy sector BBC. According to Ukraine’s Energy Ministry, yesterday’s attacks were the eighth attack on the country’s energy infrastructure in three months.

Russia has stepped up attacks on targets in the energy sector in the spring and summer. Due to the strike, there have been regular power cuts across the country. According to President Volodymyr Zelensky, Russia destroyed half of Ukraine’s electricity generation capacity after it began sabotaging the energy sector in late March.

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The overnight attacks targeted the energy sector, injuring two employees working in the Zaporizhia area. In Lviv, western Ukraine, energy infrastructure has been damaged.

Ukraine currently buys electricity from the EU to compensate for the effects of Russian attacks, but imported electricity is not enough to cover the entire electricity shortage. Due to the shortage, a nationwide rotating blackout has been implemented in Ukraine as authorities try to guarantee power supply to critical infrastructure such as hospitals and military bases.

– CEO of DTEK energy company that we are forced to close our airspace, otherwise Ukraine will face a serious crisis in the coming winter Maxim Timchenko He says.

– I appeal to our allies to protect and rebuild our energy system before it is too late, Tymchenko continued.

President Zelensky has repeatedly appealed to Western countries to improve Ukraine’s air defense. In particular, Zelenskyi hopes to acquire Patriot anti-aircraft systems from the United States for use by the Ukrainian military.

Ukraine has had to resort to rotating blackouts to protect power supplies to critical operators such as hospitals. AOP

WP: US gun controls are still tight

A U.S. newspaper reported that the U.S.-imposed restrictions are having a significant impact on Ukraine’s ability to attack airports, which are key enemy targets. The Washington Post.

In late May, the United States authorized the use of partially American-made weapons on targets located on Russian soil. The country recently announced further easing of restrictions.

However, even the new restrictions prevent Ukraine from attacking major airports on the Russian side.

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The Washington Post cited two Ukrainian officials in its report on condition of anonymity. According to them, the United States would have prohibited the firing of American weapons more than 100 kilometers from the Ukrainian-Russian border.

US officials declined to comment specifically on the claim, but said the Ukrainian claim of 100 kilometers was false.

– It’s not about geography or a certain radius, but if Russia attacks or plans to attack Ukraine from its border, Ukraine has the ability to strike against aggressors crossing the border toward it, a Pentagon spokesman said. Charlie Dietz.

For now, however, Ukrainian officials say Ukraine’s inability to prevent bombings launched by Russian planes is the biggest flaw in an otherwise effective U.S. policy shift.

Test shot. Ukraine tested a Grad rocket launcher aboard a Meribeibi boat last winter. This photo was shared by the Security Service of Ukraine. Security Service of Ukraine in X Service

Germany arrests spies

Three people suspected of being spies for foreign intelligence have been arrested in Germany, the AFP news agency reported.

According to prosecutors, those arrested were men, one of whom was Ukrainian, another Russian and the third Armenian.

They were arrested in Frankfurt on Wednesday. Suspected of trying to collect information about a citizen of Ukraine.

Prosecutors refer to Ukrainian detainee by name Robert A., under the Armenian name Verges I. And in Russian by name Arman S.

Prosecutors did not say which country those arrested were suspected of being spies. The lawyers declined to comment to the AFP news agency on the matter.

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German newspaper According to Der Spiegel The criminals operate under Russia.

According to Spiegel, the intelligence target contacted Ukrainian police. He reportedly became suspicious when the trio approached him and asked to meet at a coffee shop.

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