US Department of Defense: Serious problems with humanitarian aid delivery brought to temporary dock in Gaza | Foreign countries

According to CNN, ground traffic has been temporarily halted until logistical issues are resolved.

U.S. officials initially estimated that 90 aid trucks a day would initially arrive in Gaza from the ship. Qua: CENTOCOM

According to the US Department of Defense, none of the 569 tons of humanitarian aid brought to Gaza by makeshift boat arrived as planned. A Pentagon spokesman, Maj. Gen Pot Rider.

It was reported earlier that a few aid trucks were able to transport goods from the barge to warehouses from where the aid would be distributed. However, after frustrated Palestinians left the loading area of ​​some of the departing trucks, the U.N.

Aid will be transported from Cyprus to a port being built in Gaza by four US and French ships. Information Manager of the Office of the President of Cyprus Victor Papadopoulos He said that a total of one thousand tonnes of relief goods would have been brought to the port from Friday to Sunday. Aid distribution via port vessel began on Friday. The UN receives aid in countries and coordinates distribution around the Gaza Strip.

New paths are being sought

According to the Pentagon, the U.S. is working with the UN and Israel to find safer ways to transport aid to depots than it currently does. CNN says According to CNN, the UN has temporarily suspended aid shipments on the ground to resolve logistical issues.

According to Ryder, none of the 569 tons of aid that arrived at the port was transported to residents of Gaza.

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– According to today’s information, I don’t think so, Ryder said when asked about this.

According to Ryder, it is important to remember that this is a war zone and the operation is very difficult.

A U.S. source told CNN that the Defense Department and the U.N. are currently investigating how long the supplies being transported to the port can be kept there.

According to AFP, a large number of aid supplies are waiting to leave a port in Cyprus for Gaza. Countries including Britain, Romania, the United Arab Emirates and the United States have provided assistance.

President of Cyprus Nikos Christodoulides He said on Tuesday that transports to Gaza were operating.

US officials initially estimated that 90 aid trucks a day would reach Gaza from the wharf, and that 150 would already arrive later.

According to the UN, Gazans are on the brink of severe famine, and the Gaza Strip needs at least 500 truckloads of aid per day to ease the situation.

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