US says Russia launched space weapon

The US suspects that the satellite, launched by Russia, is a space weapon that Russia plans to use against an American satellite.

The US and Russia accuse each other of weaponizing space. A 3D tracking image of a satellite orbiting the Earth. Konstantin Shaklein / Alamy Stock Photo, AOP

The US Department of Defense has accused Russia of launching a space weapon. The Pentagon suspects that a Russian-launched satellite is capable of striking a US satellite in Earth orbit.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Defence Pot Rider At a press conference on Tuesday, he said the satellite launched by Russia on May 16 was “probably a space weapon, capable of hitting other satellites in Earth orbit”.

“Russia launched a new space weapon into the same orbit as a US government satellite,” Ryder told reporters.

The United States and Russia have side-by-side vetoed UN resolutions banning the weaponization of space. First, Russia vetoed the US-drafted resolution last month, and then the US vetoed Russia’s resolution.

Russia launched a suspected space weapon Cosmos 2576 satellite into orbit last week from the Arkhangelsk region, Reuters news agency reported on Wednesday. Citing US officials, Reuters reported that the Cosmos satellite appears to be being monitored by the US National Intelligence Agency’s NRO.

On Tuesday, the Russian Foreign Ministry accused the United States of placing weapons in space. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov Russian intelligence agencies have not provided any additional information other than that they are monitoring the situation in Earth orbit.

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