Viardola's gun-toting child faces dire consequences for his actions unless his parents come to his rescue.

Parents can foot the minor's restitution bill if they want, but according to the emeritus professor of criminal and procedural law, it's not without complications.

Viardola's 12-year-old school shooter may have a big bill to pay. Because of his age, he is not criminally responsible for his actions, but according to the law, an offender under the age of 15 is still liable for damages.

– The main rule is that full compensation is awarded for an intentional act, says Emeritus Professor of Criminal and Procedural Law at the University of Eastern Finland. I got stuck.

– In the case of minors, the amount of compensation is often modest.

Although the compensations are modest, Tolvanen believes that the potential compensation, including interest, is in the tens of thousands of euros.

– If we assume that he will be at work in ten years, then yes, there will be a lot of interest.

Violating the recommendation?

The victims of the Wierdola shooting were remembered with candles and messages taken to school. Leasima below

In 2020, according to the recommendations of the Personal Injury Advisory Board, compensation for parents for suffering caused by the death of a child is 3,000-12,000 euros.

– There are cases where the penalty is even 20,000 euros. This is [kouluampuminen] Compensation is the type of action that may be more than recommended.

On Tuesday, April 2, a 12-year-old boy shot and killed three of his peers at Viardola School's Jograntha Place. The boy who was the target of the shooting died on the spot and one of the injured girls was admitted to hospital in a critical condition.

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The boy confessed what he had done.

Various compensations

Matti Tolvanen reckons Viardola's shooter will have to compensate in a big way. Jussi Escola

In addition to compensation for the death of the school student, the shooter may also have to pay other compensation for suffering and damages, such as temporary or permanent inconvenience and loss of earnings.

– If an injury is so severe that it prevents you from working in the future, there is also compensation for loss of earnings. They can be very large.

– There are two reasons for that. If courses are delayed due to disability, compensation for loss of earnings will be paid to the delayed earnings. Compensation may also be awarded if the disability prevents you from doing what you could reasonably be expected to have done had you not been disabled.

Action should be taken

In the case of crimes committed by adults, damages are usually handled together with the criminal case.

In the Wierdola case, this was not the case because the shooting never went to court. In Finland, anyone aged 15 or over can be convicted of a crime. In the case of the 12-year-old shooter, direction is essentially mediation.

If indemnities cannot be agreed upon, they shall be settled in court as a dispute.

– In order to get compensation, the deceased victim's relatives, survivors or the insurance company have to file a case against the boy.

The liability for damages falls on the minor offender and not on his parents. They are liable for compensation if the child's act is due to their negligence.

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– It doesn't seem like that here.

Police said the gunman who shot Viardola used a close relative's gun that had been properly stored. Police are investigating how the boy got the gun.


Police officers at Viardola School on April 2. Under Lysima

Parents can pay compensation for their child if they wish. However, in the case of large compensations, problems are not without.

– It has its own characteristics. A payment made on behalf of another would be a gift and the recipient would have to pay gift tax on it.

According to Tolvanan, the tax can be avoided by donating 4,999 euros every three years.

– If there are two parents and both can provide that amount every three years, it is almost ten tons.

The parent may also enter into a debt relationship with the son to pay the damages awarded to him, and the son will repay accordingly.

– When taking a loan, the son must have a guardian. Getting a loan requires permission from the Digital and Population Agency. It is conceivable that such a case would be allowed.

Learn and help

Tolvanan considers Wierdola's case a tragic case for everyone.

– Yes, the teacher's life also changes compared to what it was before the act.

He hopes the case will serve as a lesson and extension for other children.

– Revenge is the worst way to go. He harms himself.

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