“Views of Ukraine and Russia are far from each other”

This article summarizes the most important events of the war in Ukraine since Tuesday, the fourth day of July 2024. It was the 863rd day of the war.

  • On Friday, Russian troops attacked the village of Komari in the Donetsk region. One woman died and 20 were injured.
  • Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban arrived in Moscow on Friday for talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin.
  • Ukraine plans to double its air defense capabilities, according to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Russian attack in Donetsk: 1 dead, 20 injured

On Friday, Russian troops attacked the village of Komari in the Donetsk region. A woman was killed and 20 injured, the governor said Vadim Flashkin says Independence of Kyiv.

According to the governor, three Russian remote-controlled aerial bombs hit the center of the village. Thirteen houses, four shops, two apartment buildings, two administrative buildings and two infrastructures were damaged in the attack. One of the victims died during hospitalization.

Fierce fighting continues in the Donetsk region, with Russia seeking to occupy the entire region, the Kyiv Independent reported. In the past few days, three people have died and 27 have been injured.

Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry criticized Orban’s visit to Moscow

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban arrived in Moscow on Friday for talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin. EPA-EFE/VIVIEN CHER BENKO/Press Office Handbook of the Prime Minister of Hungary

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, the President of Hungary By Viktor Orban Moscow’s trip is not coordinated with Ukraine. The matter was reported by Reuters among others.

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– We remind you that our policy regarding Ukraine without Ukraine is still the same, and we believe that all states will strictly follow it, the ministry says in its statement.

Orphan soaps Moscow

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán arrived in Moscow on Friday for talks with the Russian president Vladimir Putin with.

Orbán is in Moscow on a “peace tour” as the prime minister’s spokesman Bertal Havasin By.

EU foreign affairs chief Joseph Borrell said in a statement that Orban had not received authorization from the European Council to hold peace talks with Ukraine. According to Borel, Orbán does not represent the EU “in any form”. Also Secretary General of NATO Jens Stoltenberg According to Orban, he does not represent NATO at the meetings, but his own country.

This story was reported by Reuters and AFP.

Orban: There are many more steps

Orban held a press conference after his meeting with Putin. According to the BBC, their discussion lasted for almost 3 hours.

– More steps are needed to end the war in Ukraine and bring peace there, Orban told media in Moscow.

– We have started a conversation and taken the first step. However, the views of Ukraine and Russia are far from each other.

Zelenskyi: Ukraine aims to double air defense capacity

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky believes that the NATO meeting will contribute to increasing air defense capabilities. Kay Needfield, Zumawire / MVPHOTOS

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyin According to Ukraine, it plans to double its air defense capabilities with advanced Patriot systems this summer. This was reported by Reuters.

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– As we promised, we will double our air defense capabilities in the summer, Zelenskyi said in his meeting with regional officials.

Zelensky said he hoped the upcoming NATO summit would bring “strong results” on the goal.

Putin critic Kara-Murza had to be hospitalized

Russian opposition politician Vladimir Kara-Murza, 42, has been hospitalized in prison. Kara-Murza was imprisoned in Siberia for treason when she criticized the war in Ukraine. This was reported by Reuters, among others.

Kara-Murza is serving her 25-year sentence in a Siberian prison in Omsk. Wife of Kara-Murza Evgeny According to him, his lawyers waited five hours to meet Kara-Murza. Ultimately the request was rejected.

According to his wife, Kara-Murza suffers from polyneuropathy, which stems from two poisoning attempts on him.

Putin’s new allies in the fight against terrorism are terrorists

Russian President Vladimir Putin said at a meeting of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization in Kazakhstan that Russia is in contact with the Taliban movement that controls Afghanistan.

According to Putin, the Taliban is ready to cooperate with Russia in the fight against terrorism.

Independent Russian media Meduza reported on the matter.

Russia says it shot down more than 50 Ukrainian drones last night – killing six-year-old girl

Russian air defense systems shot down more than 50 Ukrainian drones in three different locations in Russia, Russian state news agency TASS reported, citing the Russian Defense Ministry.

According to the ministry, 26 drones were destroyed in Zaporizhia region, 10 in Rostov and 14 in Krasnodar region.

A six-year-old girl was killed and five others injured in an airstrike in the Krasnodar region, according to Russian officials.

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Putin: No ceasefire until peace talks begin

Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke to reporters at a meeting of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization in Astana, Kazakhstan, about the possibility of a ceasefire and peace talks.

According to Putin, a ceasefire with Ukraine is impossible before peace talks begin because Russia cannot be sure of Ukraine’s intentions.

– We cannot allow Ukraine to rearm and replenish its army through forced mobilization to take advantage of the ceasefire, Putin said.

The Russian president’s comments were reported by several Russian media outlets. The veracity of Putin’s claims has not been confirmed by independent news sources.

To achieve a ceasefire, Ukraine must take steps that are irreversible and acceptable to Russia, the Russian president said.

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