Ville met Metallica’s bassist on a Helsinki street – and then something unexpected happened

Ville Cormilainen received free tickets from Robert Trujillo for the best seats at a Metallica concert.

Writer and communication expert Ville CormilainenThe 43-year-old has seen Metallica live ten times. This weekend, the gig experience was completely different than usual.

Kormilainen went on Saturday to visit the front of the hotel where members of the band Metallica are staying. The St. George Hotel in question is located in the heart of Helsinki.

Before his hotel visit, Kormilainen went shopping for Helsinki-themed postcards on which he wrote a special and somewhat challenging request to the Metallica band members.

– I wrote on the cards that it would be cool to go to the snake pit to see the gig on Sunday, Kormilainen told Iltalehde by phone.

The Snake Pit area refers to the diamond-shaped stage set-up seen at Metallica’s concerts. Metallica plays on a stage built around the audience, so people come within touching distance of the world-class stars.

Metallica will perform in Finland on Friday and Sunday. Joni Havisto

In front of the hotel, Kormilainen and her daughter met Metallica’s bassist Robert Trujillo. This was the first time Kormilainen met the band members face-to-face. Cormilainen exchanged information with Trujillo at length.

– He was very relaxed, kind and friendly. An honest and comfortable guy. There were four of us fans, so he had plenty of time to change his clothes and take photos with us, says Kormilainen.

– We also saw James Hedfield for a look in the evening, but he was going to sleep, so he didn’t chat, Kormikainen continues.

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Cormilainen and her daughter gave the postcards to Trujillo and his assistant.

– Let’s see how it goes, said Trujillo and his assistant. However, this was the decision of the band’s backing group.

Rob Trujillo wanted to give away concert tickets to Ville. AOP

A surprising news

A few hours later, Kormilainen received a message on his phone. In the message, the tour manager announced that Trujillo was in “good spirits” and wanted to give out concert tickets to the Snake Pit area.

– It was very surprising, of course I did not expect this to happen, Kormilainen is happy.

– You should always try something out of the ordinary. Sometimes it pays off. Not usually, but this time it happened, he continues.

Ville Kormilainen meets Robert Trujillo in the center of Helsinki. Home album by Wille Cormelainen

Kormilainen was also at Metallica’s gig on Friday. He describes the concert as a “fan concert”.

– There were a lot of songs that were not normally released in the concerts. If some audience members were disappointed with the concert, it was no ordinary blockbuster. Great as a fan gig. I loved it myself, Kormilainen describes his feelings.

– Of course, it is very difficult to look at the band critically, because he worked with it all his youth. I’m always so hot.

Kormilainen is also looking forward to tonight’s concert. He is particularly happy that the two-gig event has also been organized in Finland.

Metallica will perform on Sunday, June 9, at Helsinki Olympic Stadium starting at 20:00.

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