Woman suspected in Myrmäki scooter accident – she is suspected in these crimes

The topics of the crime can still change.

A 12-year-old girl died in a scooter accident last night in Wanda Myrmaki. According to Iltalehti, a woman driving a Mercedes-Benz collided with an electric scooter or scooter with three children at the intersection.

Director of Investigation, Crime Commissioner A lot of Sardan The driver of the car initially tells Iltalehti that he is suspected of posing a serious risk to traffic safety, causing death and causing two injuries.

The other two children who were injured in the incident are 12 years old. According to Sartanen, the driver of the car was an adult woman.

According to Sartanen, the titles were filed yesterday and may change as the investigation progresses. He did not comment on how the topics change.

– The situation is now live in real time. Sartanen says that these mentioned items were registered last night, the investigations are progressing and we are continuing to consider them.

He hopes to announce the title change from tomorrow. Sardanen said earlier on Thursday that the investigations required great sensitivity because children were involved.

– Depends on how investigations progress. There are a lot of people here to ask questions.

The accident took place in Myrmaki on Wednesday evening. Reader photo

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