Yle’s reporter draws attention to Oliver Helander’s disturbing behavior during javelin final – “Huhhu” | game

Reporter Petra Manor compared Oliver Hellander to Kimi Raikkonen. “Leave me alone, I know what I’m doing”, says the EC bronze medalist in javelin.

Oliver Helander received his bronze medal at midnight in Rome. Photo: Tomi Hänninen/Chilipictures

A recent EC bronze medalist in javelin Oliver Helander A very concise person in general. Javelin thrower’s interview answers are not really bursting with passion and energy.

The streak continued on Wednesday, with Helander achieving his longtime dream. He won a prestigious medal in athletics.

– I bet I’ll go straight to sleep, that’s how tired a man is, Helander said after the award ceremony with a bronze medal around his neck.

Helander clinched the EC bronze with a score of 85.75 in the evening in Rome. You can imagine that there was a hurricane inside the 27-year-old Finnish star – Helander’s ability has long been known, but medals eluded the injury-prone athlete.

Bronze came out on top of all dramatically. After two rounds of throwing, Helander was out of the top eight and in danger of being eliminated from the next rounds.

Despite a tough spot and a great performance, the Finnish star hasn’t given up yet.

– We provide training for these. “It’s nice to win at the right time,” Helander summed up.

Interview with Oliver Helander after the awards ceremony.

Helander doesn’t just talk during the match. Author of Yle Petra Manor Finn drew attention to the proceedings during Wednesday’s javelin final.

Usually, athletes talk to their coaches after their practices. Coaches video the athletes’ activities and provide feedback on them. For example, Suomen seivastähti Wilma Murdo and coach Jarno Koivunen Discuss after each jump.

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Helander met his coach during the javelin final Terro Bitcomaki With exactly one time stories.

Petra Manor recounts the small talk between Oliver Helander and Terro Pitcomaghie during the finale.

This “discussion” took place after Hellander secured a spot in the next round with his third throw.

– Huhhu, said Helander Pitkamaki.

That’s the conversation. No wonder Petra Manor compared Helander to the F1 legend on live TV Kimi RaikkonenHe is remembered among others for his iconic comments on team radio.

“Let me go, I know what I’m doing.”

A betting partner offered advice

A fully enclosed Finnish spear was not evening in Rome. Helander held a dialogue with its international competitors.

Helander revealed Nina Vanhadalon In a radio interview with the Czech Republic Jakub Vadlejch He had given him some important advice in the finale.

– Watledge told him to think about throwing in Turku, Helander said.

Wadledge, who won the European Championship, knew Helander was at his best at the Pao Nurmi Stadium in Turku.

Looking at the longest throws in Helander’s career, four of the eight were born in Turku.

The mental imagery exercise worked, because now the Finn drove the seventh longest curve of his career in Rome.

This brought the EC bronze to the tired man.

Instead of a raucous medal banquet, Helander went to bed to continue his mental exercises. Perhaps he is dreaming of the Paris Olympics where he will compete in Turku.

Oliver Helander received his bronze medal.

6/13/2024 AM 7:31 AM Corrected: Helander got a bronze medal, not a gold medal, corrected the information in the title as stated earlier in the title.

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