Youths celebrate graduation weekend mostly peacefully – In West Uzima, police seek calming effect of classical music | News Fin

From the police’s point of view, the New Year’s weekend celebration was quiet on the night before Sunday.

For example, Oulu police reported that although the police were employed by drunken people, brawlers, disruptive behavior and drunken drivers, the majority of people observed their behavior.

On the other hand, police in southwestern Finland described youth parties as mostly business-like. Police, however, said that both large quantities of clear liquor and “vapes” were seized from the youths. In Finland, most young people were moving in the center of Turku, while in Satagunda, Bori’s Kirjurinluto was the most popular meeting place.

In West Uzima, police said they resorted to classical music at some places. It is intended to have a calming effect on the youth.

– We’ve noticed that classical music has a calming effect on young partygoers. “This is the sixth year we’ve played Classical in the deciders,” head coach Mikko Juvonen said in a press release.

The police in Länsi-Uusimaa observed that e-cigarettes were found on the strength of “moderate involvement in illegally imported goods”.

In Helsinki, police cleared Kaivobusto of revelers late Saturday for public order and security reasons.

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