Basic Finns Member of Parliament involved in night incident – STOP: It's about shooting

Cieska says the parliamentarian, who works as a police officer in his civilian career, is suspected of committing a major crime.

Timo Vornanen (ps) is in his first term as a Member of Parliament. Parliament

I will stop The Member of Parliament is suspected of aggravated assault and arson.

Seiska says he has confirmed from various sources that the suspect in the crimes is Timo Vornanen (ps). Vornanen is a police officer in civilian occupation.

According to Cieska, the suspicions relate to Thursday evening, when the two MPs spent the evening at Bar Ihku in Helsinki. Newspaper sources say an MP opened fire in downtown Helsinki after the MPs had already left the restaurant.

Ildalethi also received a reference to the shooting. Seiskale, director of investigations at the Helsinki Police Jukka largio It confirms police are investigating the shooting at the center, but has not confirmed it is related to MP.

According to Cieska, the weapon used in the incident was recognised.

Basic Finns' party secretary Harry Voorenpa tells X that the Basic Finns' MP was informed of the incident in Helsinki last night.

– The course of events is currently unclear. Police are investigating what happened and are waiting for more information. And we'll let you know as soon as we know, Wooranpa writes.

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Rika Burra, president of Basic Fins and Finance Minister, describes the situation STD“Very serious”.

– I am very shocked by this situation. I await further information myself. We did not reach the representative. The situation is very serious, Burra tells STT.

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Neither Seiska nor Iltalehti tried to reach Vorna.

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