YleX colleague comments on journalist’s political dismissal: “Commendable”

Sini Leitinen, a well-known colleague of the YleX channel, commented on Mika Koivisto’s decision.

Cine Leitinen’s streaming service Max at the launch event. Pete Anikari

YleX host Miikka Koivisto made a surprise speech on live broadcast and announced yesterday Tuesday that she was resigning from her job for political reasons. Kovisto managed to host a show in less than six years on the channel.

Kovisto justified the matter to listeners by saying that he disapproved of Yle’s participation in Eurovision.

– I am resigning in protest against Yle’s participation in this year’s Eurovision in collaboration with Israel, which is committing genocide in Palestine.

– This year’s Eurovision serves as a polishing platform for the image of the country of Israel, which is still doing terrible things. More than 30,000 people were killed was not reason enough to exclude Israel from the games, he continued.

A colleague commented

Kovisto’s decision was reported in several media outlets. The matter immediately began to resonate with listeners on social media and internet discussion boards.

YleX host and social media personality Sini Leitinen, aka “Papananama,” commented to Iltaleht at the launch event of streaming service Max, who tipped his hat to his colleague.

– I think it’s admirable that you can stand behind your values ​​even though you have to make such big decisions. It is admirable. Yes, I fully encourage it if you want to do it, says Leitinen.

Leitinen hosts the show Papanama K-Pop on the channel. In addition, he conducts KohupodiPodcast with Renaz Ebrahim.

Leitinen has long worked as a social influencer. He is known by the nickname Papananama or Nastinabam.

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