Dr. Du IL: This is a risk group for whooping cough

Hinkuyskää is moving again, at least in southern Finland, in the Helsinki region and in Finland proper. Although anyone can develop whooping cough, one group is at special risk and is at risk of serious illness. evening newspaper The doctor interviewed doctors on the subject In the title.

Babies under six months of age are especially at risk.

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– They don’t have vaccine protection because vaccines don’t start until 3 months, says a pediatric infectious disease doctor Tea niminen About New Children’s Hospital He: She.

In a small child, the infection can even be life-threatening when the child has difficulty breathing when the cough occurs. A whooping cough may accompany the baby’s wheezing, resulting in the baby’s skin turning blue.

– For this reason, young children with strong coughing spells should be taken to health care to assess the condition. This also applies to children under one year of age who for some reason have not yet received two pertussis vaccines, advises the chief physician of Epidemiological Operations in Helsinki. Channa Isompi.

In the National Immunization Program, pertussis vaccine is given to 3 months, 5 months and 12 months, 4 year olds, 14-15 year olds and 25 year olds. Vaccine protection fades in about five years.

– Kindergarten-aged children have good protection, but perhaps around age 10, protection starts to wane before age 14-15 increases, Nieminen says.

Even vaccinated people can get whooping cough, but symptoms of whooping cough are usually mild in healthy adults.

– If vaccinations are in order, the disease is mild. I encourage everyone to take care that all vaccinations are taken according to the National Vaccination Program, Isosomppi stresses

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