Marku Heikura, Director General of Tax Administration, feels that cuts in public administration will be reflected in services.

In addition to the 250 million euros already determined in the government plan, 400 million euros are planned to be saved from administration during the government period. Thousands of civil servants could also be laid off next year as part of austerity measures.

Director General of Tax Administration Mark Haikuran It is still difficult to assess precisely how the government's austerity measures are affected. However, cuts are expected to be reflected in services and, at worst, tax collections.

Haigura expects response and wait times for counseling phone services to increase, and some services to stop altogether.

The consulting service of the company cannot be maintained at the previous level. At the same time, the turnaround time for appellate decisions is also getting longer.

– Small offices should be closed. Many smaller ones have already been closed, but the problem needs to be revisited. It will be very challenging, Heikura tells STT.

In addition, in the future, citizens will need to make an appointment for tax services and will now be able to visit the offices during opening hours.

According to Hayekura, firing civil servants is only a last resort. It is difficult to enforce them under the Government Collective Agreement as it contains many provisions. Instead, for example, the number of seasonal workers and holiday substitutes could be reduced.

– Yes, that dismissal card was the last we went. But the reduction in the number of seasonal workers is inevitably reflected in services.

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Hekura also said With power In an interview, there is a risk that the legal services of the tax administration will be affected by the austerity measures.

Digital and Population Agency offices may be closed

Director General of Digital and Population Agency (TVV). By Janne Whisker According to the report, it is difficult to assess how the cuts will affect the agency's services because agency-specific budget cuts have not been decided.

– At this point, I would estimate that at least one-third of these rapid savings will be sought by downsizing campus and entire workforces next year. It is definitely necessary to examine the customer rate increase as well.

For example, the agency may rent personal workstations in government buildings instead of maintaining its own offices.

Redundancies have not been ruled out

Vizcari says layoffs have not been ruled out either. However, other avenues will be considered first so that the agency's statutory work can be handled.

In general, agencies prefer to save on campus rather than staff, says Vizcari.

– I do not recognize the presence of inactive officers in the Digital and Population Information Agency. Most of our customers want processing times to be shorter rather than longer.

However, Vizcari insists that he understands the need for balancing measures because the expenditures and revenues of the public funds are not in balance.

– The function of the Board is to determine them, and the function of the Civil Service is to implement the decisions of the Board.

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