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This article was already written to begin with the words “All great pipes break in time.” However, the elusive and sensational Bayer Leverkusen did it again.

The second leg of the Europa League semi-finals took place on Thursday evening. Leverkusen lost 1-2 at home against AS Roma, but that would have been enough to secure a place in the final as Leverkusen won the opener 2-0.

Then the final minute of seven minutes of extra time awarded by the referee was called off. Granite Shaka The winger played a vertical pass to the right wing Joseph Stanicil. Wandering into the penalty area, the Croatian buried the ball with his left foot into the back corner.

– Will not lose, never. “Never lose,” Viaplay’s narrator said with a laugh Ville Kusinen.

After the equalizing goal, social media chatter first wondered how this was possible, while on the other hand, praising how eagerly Leverkusen sought an equaliser, even after conceding a goal.

Leverkusen’s hero coach Xabi Alonzola Instead, his expression didn’t even waver. These were found.

The match ended 2–2 and Leverkusen progressed to the final 4–2.

Leandro Paredes With penalty kicks in the 43rd and 66th minutes, Roma moved to level on aggregate. The ball hit Roma in the 82nd minute Gianluca Mancinista A corner kick into their own net, and Leverkusen were next again.

He made a save on Leverkusen’s goal Mathej GowerTherefore Lukas Hradecky Continued the match from the bench. Leverkusen have gambled like this all season. Gower has rejected the European Games. Hradecky took home the Bundesliga championship as captain and last boot.

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Against Roma, Leverkusen outscored 33-12 and had an expected goal ratio of 3.04-2.33, so the draw is again worthy in that respect.

Argentinian Leandro Paredes fired two shots past Matej Gower, but that didn’t stop Leverkusen. Photo: Kirill Kudryavtsev / AFP / Lehtkuva

Nuts are crazy

Even though Leverkusen had a busy season, what makes it crazy is how they kept their unbeaten streak alive.

On 27 April, 90+6 drew 2–2 against Stuttgart in the Bundesliga.

On 21 April, 90+7 drew 1–1 against Dortmund in the Bundesliga.

18 April 1–1 draw against West Ham in the 89th minute of the Europa League.

On 30 March, he scored in the 88th minute and a goal in the 90+1 minutes in a 2–1 win over Hoffenheim in the Bundesliga.

Europa League playoffs against Qarabag in March. In the opener, the time is 90+2. In the second leg, the equalizer in time 90+3 and the winning goal in time 90+9.

This is just a recap of recent times. Leverkusen have scored 17 goals in the 90th minute or later this season.

Leverkusen's fans celebrate their place in the Europa League final.

Leverkusen once again celebrated with their fans, this time a final place in the Europa League. Credit: Paul Curie / Shutterstock / All Over Press

Bayer Leverkusen secured the German Bundesliga title some time ago. The Europa League final is on May 22, followed by the German Cup final on May 25.


Leverkusen’s unbeaten run, including all matches, is now 49 matches long. That streak, which included 40 wins and nine draws, is the longest in the history of any team in Europe’s big five leagues.

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Before the second meeting with Roma The BBC is a country, Leverkusen could pull off one of the all-time feats in football history: a full season without losses and three championships. The BBC tried to put into perspective just how big an achievement this was An unbeatable treble fiancee

Celtic won three domestic trophies in 2016-17, but lost in the Champions League.

Ajax went undefeated in the Champions League and domestic league in 1994–95, but lost in the Dutch Cup.

Leverkusen have four games to go to achieve this unprecedented feat, including two Bundesliga and the aforementioned finals.


Will Leverkusen win the Europa League trophy along with the Bundesliga trophy? Availability: EPA-EFE / AOP

Not only that. 49 matches is the longest unbeaten run in UEFA statistics by any European Premier League team since 1955 – meaning the cup matches played between European nations.

Legendary Eusebian Between 1963 and 1965, Benfica went 48 straight games without defeat.

UEFA says, Celtic went 62 games unbeaten from 1915–17 and Union Saint-Guillois went 60 games unbeaten from 1933–35. However, those pipes only had matches in domestic leagues. Leverkusen are now third in UEFA’s all-time list.

Leverkusen was nicknamed “Neverkusen” because of the big wins that came around until this year. Now it has become “Neverlusen” or “Neverlosing”.

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Midfield stalwart Granit Xhaka deemed AS Roma’s equalizer fully deserved given the events of the game, but stressed his team’s mentality.

– You can see the choice of the team. We don’t want to slow down. We wanted to score the next goal to stay in the game. 49 times now. We are proud of it.

Leverkusen won the Bundesliga for the first time this season. It was a trophy from Europe in 1988, the Uefa Cup or the current Europa League.

In the Europa League final, Leverkusen will face Italian side Atalanta, who beat Marseille 4-1 in the semi-finals.

Atalanta have never won Serie A or played in a European competition final.

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