If you live here, close the doors and windows

Rescue service warns residents of Espoo's Lintuvaara about health-harmful smoke.

There is a building fire in Lintuwara, Leppawara, the smoke of which is spreading in the direction of Kiigismaki and Rastasbusto.

The burnt material was not in residential use and no personal injuries were caused by the fire.

Rescue operations in western Uzima are urging residents to close doors, windows and air conditioners due to smoke damage.

The road is closed to traffic at Lindugorby 8.

The rescue mission has issued a hazard alert for the area on their website.

Smoke from a building fire in Lindugorvie, Espoo, is a health hazard, according to a hazard bulletin. The smoke direction is south-west. People are advised to stay indoors, turn off ventilation, and await notification of the end of the dangerous situation.

Hazard statements refer to health hazards caused by secondhand smoke. Screenshot from recovery page

The situation center operator of the Länsi-Uusimaa rescue service says the property is still under observation.

– At the moment, there is a rear guard, but yes, the extinguishing operation will take several more hours.

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The rescue service has warned about the fumes being harmful to health. Reader's photo

Harmful smoke continues to build up, so the danger has not yet disappeared.

– Smoke is currently present and no hazard warning has been issued yet.

Nine rescue units are still at the scene. The stretch of road is still closed and a detour has been arranged in the area.

Lindukorbie is closed to traffic during the extinguishing works. Reader's photo

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