Don Hunot reveals his moving ritual, which should always be done before a gig

Finnish rock band Dan Hunot ended their career in 2003, but have since returned regularly and irregularly to concert stages. Often a comeback is timed for some kind of anniversary year, and this year is the same: 35 years have passed since the founding of Dan Hoonoje, and thus the band decided to get back together. Small tour.

The reason the band kept coming back again and again was simple: because it was fun and good.

– These were so much fun. For some reason people seem to be interested too, tickets for this club sold out very quickly. Everywhere you go it’s very confusing. In fact, Sidenius says it’s been more than 20 years since the band officially ceased operations.

The drummer-backing singer came up with the idea for the latest comeback Jussi Sidenius Birthday in 2022 when he celebrated his 50th birthday. He asked the other members of Don Hoonoji to play some songs with him, which once again went down well. From there we started working on the idea.

Dan Hounot will soon turn 35, and the band isn’t ruling out the possibility that something might happen when the band hits 40.

– Yes, if we were all alive, we would do some shows. At least based on this, why not. In fact, there are more than ten festival shows coming up over the summer, so we’re looking forward to those as well, Cydenius continues.

At Thavastya, the band performed on Sunday, April 28, at least the band’s vocalist Kalle Ahola For the 49th time, according to the Bills. Although Tavastia is best known as a performance venue, at least it’s a bassist-backing singer. Jukka Purulan However, perhaps the most exciting.

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– It’s home ground, there’s usually a lot of friends in the audience, critics too, so it’s a bit more exciting than a gig somewhere else. My own memories of this back room are associated with the fluttering in the pit of my stomach when butterflies are present. Despite being here for five decades, it always feels like today, admits Purula.

Apart from being a concert venue, Davastiya’s Bakari also has a legendary status, which is so popular that, among other things, artistes who have performed there over the years have left their own fingerprints on its walls.

If you can look carefully, you can also see one of Don Hunoje’s wooden signs. The band’s guitar-backing singer is to thank for that Key von Hertzenia.

– I can’t remember what year it was, but a touch of self-contradiction may have slipped into the artwork. “I was very shocked that the rail destroyed half the head of the artwork, which was a human figure,” Van Hertsen said.

There are also a few things the band likes to do before shows. A few common rituals and customs before going on stage have cemented their status as paramount over the years.

– Yes, we always have a rally before the gig. Everyone has their own kind of magic, and then fifteen minutes before the gig starts, the entire outside world avoids going on stage, and then it’s just the five of us, no notes.

Additionally, an important ritual must be performed before going on stage.

– Now let’s reveal that there is also a group hall. Yes, we can be this exposed, laughs Van Hertsen.

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In the video above, you can see what kind of artwork Dan Hoonoje’s Kee van Hertsen put on the wall of Tavastia’s Baccari, and why the band SIG has such a bittersweet place in Finnish music history.

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