There was an accident in the sprint in Miami – Danslayskyi resorted to heavy protection

Kevin Magnussen’s defensive drive became the biggest talking point in the sprint race at Miami.

Max Verstappen continued his winning streak at the Miami Sprint. AOP

Miami Sprint Race

1. Max Verstappen, Red Bull, 2. Charles Leclerc, Ferrari, 3. Sergio Perez, Red Bull, 4. Daniel Ricciardo, RB, 5. Carlos Sainz, Ferrari, 6. Oscar Piastri, McLaren, 7. Nico Hulkenberg, 8. .Yuki Tsunoda, RB, 9. Pierre Gasly, Alpine, 10. Logan Sargent, Williams, 11. Joe Guanyu, Saber, 12. George Russell, Mercedes, 13. Alex Alban, Williams, 14. Valtteri Bottas, 15. Esteban Ocon, Alpine, 16. Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, 17. Fernando Alonso, Aston Martin, 18. Kevin Magnussen, Haas.

Abandoned: Lance Stroll, Aston Martin and Lando Norris, McLaren

The sprint race in Miami got off to a dramatic start Lando Norris Spinned himself out of the race Lewis Hamilton Overcame both Aston Martins without points.

Leave the pole Max Verstappen He dominated the race at will and never finished second Charles Leclerc Got into trouble.

When the greatest struggle was found behind the sharp point Daniel Ricciardo He kept it with a less powerful car Carlos Science Again. The Aussie driver is finally starting to show the qualities that made him such a hero to F1 fans during the Red Bull years.

Ricciardo was fourth in the race. In the end, he still only got Red Bull Sergio Perez.

Haas’s Danish accident is an even bigger topic of conversation By Kevin Magnussen A truly merciless defensive battle against Hamilton. Magnussen did not even drive within the boundaries of the rules, but outside them on his back.

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However, the time penalties imposed on him didn’t hurt, as Magnussen’s idea was to protect his team-mate, who finished seventh. of Nico Hulkenberg Station.

The German eventually scored world championship points, and Hamilton was relegated to 16th place in the race due to a time penalty. Valtteri Bottas 14th in the final results.

The Miami GP weekend continues on Saturday with qualifying. It starts at 23:00.

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