Hamas continues to demand a permanent ceasefire – talks will resume on Sunday | Foreign countries

Israel did not send its delegation to the talks in Egypt on Saturday.

A Palestinian looks over the destroyed city of Khan Younis on May 2. Photo: Magazine Photo

A representative of the militant group Hamas, who spoke on condition of anonymity, repeated the group’s demand on Saturday that it did not want to accept the ceasefire agreement, which would include, in particular, the cessation and withdrawal of all Israeli military operations in Gaza. Army of the country.

– Under no circumstances will Hamas accept an agreement that does not clearly include an end to the war in Gaza.

The representative blamed the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu Delaying the creation of a fight for their personal interests.

Israel’s top representative on Saturday accused the militant group Hamas of making it difficult to reach an agreement while not abandoning its demands to end the war.

The talks will continue on Sunday

Reports of talks in Egypt vary, with sources saying earlier on Saturday that talks had advanced significantly. Talks are also scheduled to take place on Sunday.

A Hamas delegation arrived in Cairo on Saturday. Hamas’s response to the mediators’ proposal was already expected on Saturday, but to no avail.

The Israeli delegation did not arrive in the city on Saturday. An Israeli representative told AFP that a delegation would only be sent if there was “positive movement” in the talks.

– There are difficult and long negotiations for a real deal, the representative said.

Information about the content of the contract proposal was leaked

Details about the show’s content will be released throughout the week. Britain had earlier said the ceasefire would last for about 40 days.

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CNN The cease-fire proposal states that 20-33 hostages kidnapped by Hamas from Israel would be released within several weeks in exchange for the release of Palestinian prisoners in Israel. The channel has no information on their numbers, but in the past there has been talk of freeing thousands of prisoners in Israel.

According to Israeli officials, there are still 128 hostages in Gaza, 34 of whom are believed to be dead. Israel defines the dead as hostages until their bodies are recovered.

The fighting finally stopped for a week last November. At that time, Hamas released about a hundred hostages. Israel also released Palestinian prisoners.

Source: AFP

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