Miikka Koivisto of the band Ruusut stops his performance at YleX – protesting Yle’s participation in Eurovision

The Eurovision Song Contest begins today (May 7) with the first semi-final, featuring Finland’s Windows95man. Israel’s participation in the Games has caused more turmoil than usual around Eurovision. Musicians from many countries have demanded that the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), which runs the competition, exclude Israel from the competition because of the conflict in the Middle East, just as Russia was excluded after it attacked Ukraine. Since the EBU has allowed the country to participate, many Finnish musicians have appealed to Yle not to allow Finland to participate in the Games in which Israel participates.

But as appeals and demands have proved fruitless, few have taken concrete steps. For example, musician-producer Miikka Koivisto, known for Ruusut, Hisser and the now-defunct disco groups, says on Instagram that he quit his job as a radio host in Yell for years to protest Finland’s participation in the Eurovision Song Contest. Koivisto hosts a weekly show on YleX focused on new alternative music.

“Last Evening in Basila. I conclude my project on YleX by protesting YLE’s participation in the Eurovision Song Contest alongside Israel, which is committing genocide in Palestine. Many thanks to the listeners and thanks to the artists for the music over the years (2018-24)!” Kovisto says with a photo he shared on Instagram.

Several colleagues and acquaintances have come forward to comment on Kovisto’s update and show their support, such as rapper Karri “Bayface” Miettinen, singer-songwriter Isa Bajula, Albo Nummelin from the band Rusud, and journalist Outty Pop.

“Now that’s a principled move to appreciate. The highest respect”, Bayface commented.

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