Sonja Kailashari reveals what her life is like at the moment

Sonja Kailashari has been completely silent in public since last fall.

Sonja Kailashari says she will return to television in the fall. Inca Soweri

with power After nine – Host Sonja Kailashari will make an unexpected appearance on TV today. Kailashari has not participated in the show since June 2023 due to her maternity leave.

Kailashari had a joint child with Aku Hirvinimi in July 2023.

– Hey! Congratulations on the mother bubble or the baby bubble, whatever it is. And it’s not a thin bubble, but rather a thick one. Wonderful, educational, brilliant and revolutionary, says Kailachari After nine – Sudden arrival of the show.

– Sometimes it’s good to peek outside and see what’s going on in the real world. It’s not easy to talk, Kailachari continues.

Kailachari says After nine – In the video greeting of the show, a happy message for the audience.

– At the same time, I can say that the idea is to return to the studio in the fall, since I have learned to speak. See you again very soon. Before that, I slip back into my bubble and enjoy life, Kailachari sums up.

Kailachari jokes on the show that the baby has lost the ability to speak during the bubble.

– I thoroughly enjoy my bubble. Of course, no bubbly head. Speaking is surprisingly difficult. Let’s hope to recover somehow in autumn, kailachari joke.

Aku Hirviniemi and Sonja Kailassaari had a baby last year. evening newspaper

Kailashari has been silent in public and on social media for months. Last November, Kailashari’s husband and father of the child, Aku Hirvinimi, found himself in the middle of a huge uproar when inappropriate messages sent by Hirvinimi to women became public. Kailashari has not publicly taken a stand on his wife’s ruckus.

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Hirvinimi lost several job projects due to his actions. He also resigned from the board of his production company.

Hirvinimi apologized for his actions. He said he sought professional help and committed to treatment.

– I have made mistakes that I regret. I apologize if my actions offended anyone. Excellent From Sonja And from my other loved ones, my behavior was humiliating, Hirvinimi said in her writing.

According to Cieska, the couple broke up.

Sonja Kailashari and Aku Hirvinimi got engaged in 2020. Moss Murdo

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Sonja Kailashari said in a video in 2022 what language she dreams in. Tuuli Syrjälä

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