Opposition attacks Minister Kaisa Juso over cuts to social security – “credibility around zero” | principle

The SDP and the Center are criticizing Social Affairs and Health Minister HS for being ignorant when he said he was surprised by the 100 million cuts to social security.

Social Affairs and Health Minister Kaisa Juuso participated in the government's framework negotiations on April 16. Photo: Heikki Choukoma / Lehtikua

On Saturday, SDP and centrist politicians attacked the government and particularly the Minister of Social Affairs and Health Kaisa Jusova (ps.) vs.

Juzo said In an interview with Helsing's SanomatHe was also surprised that €100 million was cut to social security services.

Congressman Johnny Coco (sd.) In the press release, he announced that he was upset that “Kaisa Juuso is completely out of touch with the situation and plans of his own ministry.”

– When the minister himself appears to be imposing responsibility on his own committee of government, the question arises as to who actually leads the ministry.

Minister Juuso said in Helsingin's Sanomat that the idea came from social care cuts Matias Marttinen (co.) led by the committee which compiled the savings list.

Chairman of the SDP Parliamentary Committee I cursed and swept away In the press release, the entire Basic Finns party accused them of betraying their election promises in the structural riots.

– Before the election, Riikka Purra, the leader of Basic Finns, said that Basic Finns will not touch the war or reduce the number of nurses. As minister, Bura's scissors cut ruthlessly from social care and primary health services, specialist medical care and safety guarantees that protect access to care.

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“The reliability of Orpo, Purra and Juuso is close to zero”

The central government criticized the results of the border riots with press releases.

Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee Anti Kurvinen He criticized that measures to increase employment were not included in the judgments and the employment effects of taxation were not assessed.

Vice President of the Centre Hilka Kempy Even the Minister for Social Affairs and Health does not appear to be aware of the content of the government's most recent service cuts.

– Kempi said in a press release that based on the interview with responsible minister Juzo, the government has no idea about the content or consequences of its decisions.

According to Kempe, the government's biggest savings will go to nursing homes, health centers, child care and other social and health services.

– Kempi wrote that the reliability of Orbo, Burra and Juzo as saviors of services is close to zero.

Also head of STP Anti Lindeman X News Service agreed with Minister Juuso's review.

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